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Empower Your Child's Learning:

Discover the Secrets of Synthesis & Transformation

A Step by Step Guide with Essential Answering Techniques for Synthesis Questions (PSLE English)

This guide is suitable for both P5 & P6 Students.

In it, you will find strategic techniques to tackle the various types of Synthesis & Transformation questions. Learn through guided examples that tell your child what to look out for when faced with each question type. 

For a limited time (up till 16 July), we are giving this toolkit for free, to help students prepare for the PSLE.

Download Synthesis Toolkit Here
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What's In This Toolkit?

PSLE English Synthesis Self Help Kit
PSLE English Synthesis Guided Examples
PSLE English Consultation with Teacher Naga

This Toolkit is Hand-Crafted by Teacher Naga, 

Ex MOE, Level Head of English & Head PSLE Tutor at Ace Clinic Education

Featured on Channel 8 News

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