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3 Tips to Write a Good Conclusion For Your English Composition

Tips to Write Composition Conclusions

Many would agree that a well-written introduction is a key component of a good composition. This is because it helps to create a good first impression for the reader that entices him to continue reading the composition. Similarly, a clearly crafted conclusion is equally important as it leaves a positive lasting impression on the reader. If you wish to do well in the PSLE English Composition, a meaningful conclusion is necessary. In this post, we share three tips to writing a good conclusion in your composition:

#1 Revisiting the Main Topic

Link to Your Main Topic

The topic given in the composition question must be the central focus of the plot. As such, the topic or the essence of the topic has to be reflected throughout the composition. One way to do this is to ensure that the topic is clearly mentioned or referred to in the conclusion. This will not only ensure that the plot is linked to the topic but also ensure that your composition is not written out of point.

#2 Mentioning the Moral Value Learned

It is good practice to link Composition topics to a particular moral value.

Link Your Composition to a Moral Value

Typically, the main character/s in the composition learn a moral value via the experience they go through in the plot. To reinforce the moral value learned by the character/s, it is crucial to explicitly mentioned it in the conclusion. This will highlight the moral value learned and make the conclusion more meaningful.

#3 Including Idioms and Proverbs

Idioms and proverbs are another feature which can be included in the conclusion. They can enhance the conclusion in two ways. Firstly, they can improve your style of writing. Secondly, idioms and proverbs contain deeper meanings which can sum up the story succinctly

when they are used correctly. It also helps the reader to revisit the backstory and understand the main idea you wish to express in the composition. As such, this will not only enhance the conclusion but also round up the entire piece nicely.

In summary, these are three tips that can be used to enhance the conclusion of your English composition. They alleviate the conclusion to provide relevant closure to the composition. In addition to this, they also reinforce the key features of the composition, thus raising the impact it has on the reader.

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