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How to Prepare for the O level English Oral Examination

O level English Oral

Before we begin, let's talk about the O level English Oral Exam.

What is the O level English Oral Exam?

As of 2023, the O level English Oral Exam follows the new 1184 O level Syllabus.

Under the 1184 O level English syllabus, the Oral exam consist of two components:

Part 1: Planned Response (15 marks)

Students plan and deliver a response to a video clip and accompanying prompt presented on a computer screen.

Part 2: Spoken Interaction (15 marks)

Students engage in a discussion with the Examiners on a topic based on the same video clip.

Common Challenges Faced by Students

Based on interviews and feedback by O level 2023 students, the biggest challenge they face is the inability to provide examples or personal experiences to support their response. The topic given may have been something unfamiliar to them, which leads to brief responses that lack depth, clarity and content.

This lack of confidence also contributes to muffled speaking, stammering or even going off-topic.

Tips to Prepare for the O level English Oral

  1. Read up on content knowledge across various O level themes such as family, sports, community, technology, AI, etc. Make condensed notes with a few key pointers for each topic, but don't try and cramp too much information. Cramping can lead to stress and cause you to freeze up on exam day.

  2. Regulate your pace and speak with confidence. Many students start to speed up or pause unnecessary when they are nervous. Try to maintain a regular pace when you are practicing for the Oral exam on your own. Get a buddy or teacher to listen to you speak and seek their honest feedback for improvements.

  3. Watch the news or listen to the radio and observe how journalist and reporters speak. These are professionals that have been doing it for some time now. It is also the perfect opportunity to pick up on current affairs and news articles that will help with your content delivery!

  4. Give personal experiences or extra details. Don't just skim the surface and move on. You want to provide your insights and personal experiences to back up your claims. They make your arguments stand out and allow you to engage the examiner.

Start Preparations for the O level Oral Exam

With the O level Oral exam around the corner, you should make use of the June Holidays to do some practices.

If you would like to get your hands on condensed notes for O level oral and pick up practical skills to improve your performance, join us in our O level Oral Workshop.

Taught by Teacher Alison, an MOE teacher of over 20 years, you will find effective strategies to set your O level preparations in the right direction!

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