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3 Common Language Errors in Composition Writing

Spelling is hard

"Language" is a key component that is graded for composition writing. In fact, it makes up 50% of the marks allocation. Under the stress of examination conditions, language errors become even more common among students. These are three language errors that your child should take note of, and make efforts to minimize in an examination.

#1 - Tense Errors

English Grammar - Tenses

The most common language error your child can make in his/her composition is an error in the "tense" used. Compositions are written as narratives, so they are largely presented using the past tense. However, there are exceptions to this rule. One such exception would be when dialogues are used within the narratives. In this situation, the present tense is used instead. As such, it is important for your child to check through his/her composition for tense errors after he/she has completed writing it. This will ensure the appropriate tense is used throughout the composition and no marks are lost unnecessarily.

#2 - Spelling Errors

Another common language error your child can make in his/her composition is spelling error. This usually happens with words that are spelt similarly but used in different contexts.

Correct wrong spelling errors
Correct wrong spelling errors

An example would be the words "Advice" vs "Advise", where the former is a noun and the latter is a verb. In addition to this, your child can also misspell words when he/she tries to use unfamiliar or more complicated words to show his/her vocabulary prowess. Complex words should not be used unless your child is certain of the spelling, or it may backfire and result in a significant loss of marks.

#3 - Punctuation Errors

Punctuation saves lives. Punctuation is important
Punctuation is important

Punctuation is an important grammatical element in composition writing. Proper punctuation helps the marker to understand the meaning of the sentence, paragraph, and context of your child’s composition. Incorrect use of commas, quotation marks and capital letters are the most common punctuation errors your child can make in his/her composition. These are errors that can be avoided easily. Encourage your child to write in complete sentences with proper punctuation during practices. During an exam, it is also essential that your child checks for such errors to avoid being penalized for the wrong use of punctuation.

Language errors are fatal if your child wishes to excel in composition writing. It is important to be aware of the common language errors and learn how to prevent or correct them. These are exam tips and strategies that are covered in our English lessons. Build good writing habits through regular practice and say goodbye to language errors!

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