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JC Economics Tuition  |  A level Economics  |  Attend Online or Onsite

A Masterfully Crafted Economics Program

Blending more than a decade of teaching experience and lessons from one of the best economics programs in the world

The Best JC Economics Tuition in Singapore

Conquer A level Economics with Skills, Resources and Support

1. Content Learning Simplified

JC Economics - Condensed Notes & Mindmaps

Condensed Notes & Mindmaps Tell You the Important Bits From Every Chapter

JC Economics Online Learning Platform

Bite-sized Concept Videos that Explain Every Economics Concept You Need to Know

Pain Point #1: There is so much content that students feel baffled on what to study for the exams.

We summarize each chapter to tell you what you need to know, what keywords to memorize and how they are tested in the exams. Spend less time flipping through thick lecture notes and more time practicing how to answer Essay and Case Study Questions.

2. Bridging Theory and Concept Application

Question Analysis Skills

How to Analyze Questions to Determine Marking Requirements

Essay and CSQ Techniques

Skills and Techniques to select the right points and elaborate sufficiently

Full Length Model Essay & CSQ

Full Length Model Essays & CSQ (That can't be found elsewhere)

Pain Point #2: Memorizing Content and Throwing Them Into Exam Answers, Only to Fail Miserably.

Many students know their economics content but are unable to score in the exam. What you are lacking, are the skills and framework to apply the right concepts, include key words and elaborate sufficiently. At The Ace Academy, we teach you to analyze questions to identify marking requirements, so you select the right points to hit L3 consistently.

You also receive 100+ Full Length Model Essays, CSQ and TYS Answers to revise the structure and flow required of an 'exam-grade' answer.

3. Hybrid Classes That Offer Flexibility, Without Compromising Quality

Attend Economics Tuition Online or Onsite

Flexibility to Switch Between Online & Onsite

Recording for all Economics Class

Lesson Recording for All Classes

Pain Point #3: Hectic JC Schedule Makes It Hard For Students to Commit

Get the same lesson quality whether you attend class Onsite or Online. Save time and effort from travelling while getting top notch lessons from the comfort of wherever you are. 

In addition, students get access to lesson recordings for all classes so you never have to worry about missing anything important, ever.

4. Unparalleled Support Beyond Class

Whatsapp Support from Terence

Whatsapp Support 7 Days a Week

1-1 Consultation With Terence

1 to 1 Consultations, At No Extra Charge

Pain Point #4: Require Extra Help With School Work and Practices Beyond Tuition Class

It's common to feel confused from time to time. In fact, majority of learning takes place beyond Economics tuition, when you attempt homework and practices.

We make sure you are well supported throughout your Economics journey, with direct whatsapp to Teacher Terence and extra 1 to 1 consultations, at no extra cost.

5. Structured Curriculum for All Proficiencies

JC Economics Class Recordings

Lesson Recordings and Online learning Platform to catch up even if you join us halfway

March Economics Crashcourse
March Economics Crashcourse
March Economics Crashcourse

Intensive Crashcourses to equip you with critical exam skills

Pain Point #5: Afraid That You Are Unable to Follow The Class Due to Gaps In Previous Topics

When you join us for class, we spend some time to find out where your weaknesses lie and the issues you are facing with Economics.

You are then given lesson recordings and access to our online learning platform, where you can catch up on essential content and skills, so you will assimilate smoothly in our Economics classes.

2023 Economics Class Info Pack

Get the Full Details to our Economics Classes.

Download The Economics Class Info Pack

Comprehensive Approach to JC Economics

Essay Techniques

Students will learn how to analyse various essay types to recognise commonly tested topics and answering patterns. They will have the opportunity to hone their answering techniques through a variety of exercises and comprehensive companion notes crafted by us.


Our students consistently achieve significant grade improvements as a result of their ability to effectively tackle a wide range of question types. 

Content Recap

We craft original content notes that are compact and easy to revise from. In class, we teach students the most effective way to remember the various concepts and show them how various sections of the subject are linked together.


We make a conscious effort to help students understand how the various chapters would be tested, which gives them greater focus when doing revision. 

CSQ Strategy

Case studies demands high levels of content application and poses a huge challenge for many students.

In class, we help students navigate the paper by providing them an easily replicable strategy to confidently tackle all question types; from simple trend questions to complex evaluation questions. Our companion guides teach students how to strategise and approach a wide range of case materials. 


For Acing Economics

JC1 Regular Classes

We run weekly regular classes according to the school term (10 lessons per term). In JC1, there is a greater emphasis on content as schools tend to go faster in lectures and students have trouble keeping up. We focus on helping students start learning Economics the right way and eliminate bad habits and mistakes before they even arise.


Year 1 exams and tests tend to be more direct in terms of question style, and we ensure that our students are well prepared with practices on essays and CSQ to get them acquainted with the necessary marking requirements. Students that join us from year 1 tend to have a higher rate of A/Bs at A levels. Using our methods, many maintain a high standard from year 1, scoring within the top few % of their cohort consistently.

JC2 Regular Classes

We run weekly regular classes according to the school term (10 lessons per term). In JC2, we will moderate our content pace as we will typically be ahead of school lectures at this point. There would be a greater emphasis on exposure to various question types and practice as tests and examinations get more complex and higher order answering skills are emphasised.


We will do a variety of time trials, outlines and analysis for both essays and CSQ, accompanied by model answers for select questions. Revision typically begin by the start of term 3 to give students ample time to begin preparing for their prelims and A levels. Our students often see rapid improvements in the final few months of our program as we help them to effectively consolidate two years worth of materials.

Econs Class Info Enquiry


Want more info on our classes? Leave a message and we will get back to you!

Class Schedule

For the J1s

J1 Econs class schedule.JPG

For the J2s

J2 Econs Class schedule.JPG

*** Don't see your preferred timing? ***

 Register Interest here and we will open up classes to fit you. We will send you more info on classes too 😊

Online Live Classes

Our classes are now conducted over online 'live' sessions using the Zoom platform. By keeping our classes fun and interactive, we keep the experience similar to that of physical classes. Through colorful illustrations and real-life examples, we bring our lessons to life, to maximize absorption rate and flatten the learning curve.


Students will receive model essays, and learn answering techniques to tackle commonly tested exam questions. Additional consultations are also available upon request and our support channels are open 24/7 to receive questions.

A level / Promo Intensive Revision

The biggest pitfall for many students is to start revision too late. This means lesser time to  recap key concepts, do the necessary practices and eradicate misconceptions.

In the 2nd half of every year, weekly Economics tuition morph into Intensive Revision Classes. We summarize and recap the most essential concepts of every chapter and spend more time revising Essay Writing Techniques and CSQ Strategies. 

No time is wasted doing questions in class. Instead, we go through different question types so students are prepared for all the possible ways they may be tested in the exam. As long as you follow our game plan, you will be fully prepared before the A levels / Promo!

Holiday Crashcourses

During school holidays (March, June, September), we do away with weekly classes and instead conduct intensive revision classes to help students consolidate their knowledge and recap for examinations. Longer sessions allow us to explore a wider variety of questions to give students more exposure and develop flexibility-of-thought in attempting challenging questions.


While the holiday crashcourses cannot replace weekly classes, they teach the exam skills that come in handy for the exams that are usually held right after the holidays. Our June and September Crashcourses are always fully subscribed so be sure to book your seat early!

Pre-recorded Skills Boosters

Some students have commitments for multiple subjects and their schedule can get really hectic in the months leading up to the final exams.

If this is you, then skills boosters would be the solution you are looking for. 

Instead of attending weekly revision classes, there is the option to watch pre-recorded classes at your own time and pace. You still get whatsapp support to clarify doubts and ask questions, while enjoying the flexibility to learn at your own terms. Certainly the best of both worlds for students who are struggling to find time for tuition classes!

Online Content Platform

Some students are effective self-learners. Some students need reference notes for revision purposes. Whichever group you belong to, we recognize the effectiveness of video explanations over thick stacks of printouts. Categorized into individual concepts and broken down into bite-sized clips, our library consists of every economics concept you might need to ace your A levels. Gain access to a comprehensive vault of theoretical explanations at your fingertips, all in one strategic location.

Not to mention, you get to suggest topics which you would like to include, too!

Head-Start Programs

One of the most common complaints that we hear from students is an inability to keep up with the pace of the lectures and lessons in school. This is unsurprising, since Economics as a subject is unlike anything that they have experienced in Secondary School. Our Head-Start Programs are conducted in December every year to prepare incoming JC1 and JC2 students for the challenging year ahead. Learning the subject with the right mentality and starting on the right footing goes a long way in acing the subject.

Who knows, your child might not even need tuition in the year! 

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