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A Level Economics Tuition:
"Final Sprint" Program

A level Economics Revision
A level Economics Final Sprint Program

The Best Resources & Support to Accelerate Preparations for the A levels

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Achieve Your Breakthrough in A Level Economics

A level Economics "Final Sprint" Program
✔️ Attend Weekly Economics Classes
✔️ Get Access to All Lesson Recordings
✔️ Receive Top Quality Resources including Condensed Notes, Model Essays, Model CSQ Answers, Exam Cheatsheets & more (Backdated to Start of J1 Econs!)
✔️ Access to Online Platform with 200+ Economics Videos
✔️ Whatsapp Support & Zoom Consultations

Everything You Need to Be Fully Prepared for the A levels!

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Looking for a Boost in the Final Sprint?

Download Our A level Intensive Revision Info Pack

A Few More Months to the A Levels..

Time is Running Out!

Yes, there is enough time to
Turn Your Grades Around.

We understand the stress you have, with other A level subjects to prepare for.

Our A Levels Intensive Revision Program will provide you with a clear structure for revision - what to study, how to study, what practices to do, complete with the full range of model answers to kick start your revision in the right direction.

Gain Exposure to Trending Questions and Pick Up the Techniques to Analyze and Tackle Different Question Types Across All J1 & J2 Economics Topics.

Our Proven Three-Pronged Strategy

JC Economics - Skills and Techniques
JC Economics - Skills and Techniques

Pick Up the Knowledge, Skills & Answering Techniques to Excel in the A levels.

Recap Key Economics Concepts

We Tell You What Is Important from Every Chapter

There is a ton of content you have covered in the past 2 years. We help you cut through the noise to zoom in on the essential concepts you need to know across all topics.

For each chapter, we tell you the exact phrases to memorize, which keywords and definitions you need, what diagrams are important and how to apply them in different question types.

You will also receive condensed notes, mindmaps and chapter summaries for easy revision beyond class.

JC Economics - Essay Writing Techniques

The Techniques and Structure to Craft 'L3' Essays

Have you ever written a 3 to 4 pages for your essay question, only to fail?

In our weekly lessons, you will learn essential skills, from dissecting question requirements to writing detailed explanations, that will help you hit L3 consistently. We will also expose you to trending questions and strategies to answer them coherently.

On top of that, you will receive a deep library of 100+ Model Essays to guide you in formulating high quality answers during the exams!

JC Economics - CSQ Techniques

CSQ Framework & Techniques

Learn Tips and Tricks to write structured and detailed answers under exam conditions.

Unknown to many students, there is a framework to answer CSQ questions. From Annotating the case studies to selecting the right points, you will master key techniques through exposure to different types of CSQs.

Get detailed outlines and model answers to more than 25 different Case Study Questions when you join us on our A level Final Sprint Program.

We Make Sure You Are Prepared For Anything That Comes Your Way.

Achieve Distinction in A level Economics

In this final lap of A level preparations, we will give you extensive exposure to all possible types of questions you might face for each topic. We will teach you how to analyze each question, and adopt a structured framework to approach every one of them.

You will be equipped with the skills and strategies to take on anything thrown your way, including the infamous "Curve-ball" questions. Streamline your exam preparation, learn to avoid fatal mistakes and be fully prepared for the A level Economics Exams!

"While I thought it was futile joining 3 months before the A levels, my Grades jumped from a Meagre S to an A!"

- Shawn, ACJC

Structured Framework to Approach Exam Questions

Replicable Techniques to Tackle Every Question in a Systematic Manner

JC Economics Essay Techniques

Breaking Down Essay Questions to Teach You How to Write 'L3' Answers Consistently

We understand the challenges you face when answering Essay Questions.

You may not know which concepts to include, how to structure your points, or you are writing 4 to 5 pages but scoring dismal marks.

It's not your fault, given that there are many things to do take note (as seen above).

When you attend classes, we deliver a complete step by step process to tackle essay questions so you are absolutely certain how to answer these questions in future.

From performing question analysis, to identifying requirements, point selection, how to elaborate and write evaluations, we walk you through the "dos & don'ts" of Economics Essays.

We piece together the knowledge you learnt from school and tell you how the concepts should be applied in different question types and scenarios.

Be fully prepared with exposure to a range of questions, from the essentials to tricky "curve-ball" questions. You will also receive Model Essays that show you the structure, flow and details that are required in a model 'L3' answer.

 Fear Economics Essays No More! 

JC Economics - CSQ Answering Techniques

Adopt a Systematic Framework to Tackle Case Study Questions (CSQ) with Ease

Many students answer CSQ like how they do 'Comprehension'.

However, given the complexity of Economics Case Studies and the longer length answers, it's common for students to miss out essential points, fail to include Economics Concepts or run out of time during the exams.

At Ace Clinic Education, we will teach you to tackle CSQ with greater efficiency and lesser effort, by first identifying question requirements, and then using that knowledge to annotate the case decisively.

Using a structured framework, we will coach you to approach CSQ with precision, and think in the right direction, to meet marking requirements head-on.

You will learn to include keywords in your answers and bring in relevant economics concepts to write coherent answers that award you the marks.

Be equipped with the skills and knowledge to maneuver even the trickiest questions and gain the confidence to love CSQ! Students will be given model CSQ answers for easy reference and revision.

 Skip Fumbling in the Dark and Breeze through CSQ with Confidence! 

Blended Learning at its Best.


Attend Lessons Physically or Via Zoom, Get Access to Lesson Recordings & Our E-learning Platform for Revision

Economics Tuition at Ace Clinic Education

Attend Physical Lessons..

Online Economics Tuition

.. Or Online Via Zoom.

Enjoy Flexibility & Convenience

Flexibility from Blended Learning means you can attend Intensive Revision Classes at our centre in Thomson Road (Walking Distance from RI & 3 Bus Stops from EJC) or tune in from home via Zoom.

Economics Tuition - Class Recordings

+ Access to Class Recordings

All our Classes are recorded and you get full access to these recordings so you never have to worry about missing anything important. Rewatch lessons at your own time and pace!

(Or Simply Whatsapp us at 9155 5433)

That's not all..
Unlimited Access to our
Online Learning Platform
for Ease of Revision.

(Worth $240!)

JC Economics Tuition - Online Learning Platform

200+ Bite-sized Videos Explaining all key Concepts in the JC Econs Syllabus

JC Economics Tuition - Mindmaps

Mindmaps To Summarize  Every Chapter

JC Economics Tuition - A level Exam Questions

Trending Essay Questions and Model Essays Across all Chapters

Enjoy a sneak peek to our concept video on "Positive Externalities"