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J1 Economics -
Promo Preparation Program

Rework Your Econs Knowledge into Application to Conquer the Year End Promo Exam

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Acquire the Skills & Techniques to Answer Essay & Case Study Questions Effectively

J1 Promo Preparation Program
✔️ Structured Weekly Lessons that will teach you to tackle Essay & CSQ systematically
✔️ Access to Lesson Recordings for Revision
✔️ All the Resources You Need - including Condensed Notes, Model Essays, Model CSQ Answers & more
✔️ Access to Online Learning Platform with 200+ Concept Videos
✔️ 7 Days Whatsapp Support & Zoom Consultations

Get the Guidance and Support to Answer Exam Questions with Confidence!

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Turn Your Grades Around in the Promo Exams.

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If you are not satisfied with your performance thus far..

Close Guidance and Support

This Program will Provide you with the Skills, Question Exposure, Resources & Support to Turn Your Grades Around.

By now, you would have realised that Economics is challenging. Knowing the concepts does not guarantee that you will do well in the exams.

✖️ Feeling confused over complex & abstract concepts?

✖️ Unsure of how to select your points and structure your Essay/CSQ answer?

✖️ Writing long answers but not scoring the marks?

In class, we not only summarize the essential concepts, but also teach you how to apply them correctly to answer questions. We will tell you what to study, what to memorize and how to revise for the exams.


Through exposure to trending questions and Model Essays/CSQ Answers, you will master the skills to analyze question requirements and the techniques to write high quality answers. Expedite your learning with the guidance and support that will point you in the right direction to breeze through the J1 Econs Promo.

A Robust Curriculum that 
Tackles Your Pain Points Head On

Plug the gaps and remedy any misconceptions before the Promo Exams

JC Economics Program - Pain Point 1
JC Economics Program - Pain Point 4
JC Economics Program - Pain Point 2
JC Economics Program - Pain Point 5
JC Economics Program - Pain Point 3
JC Economics Program - Pain Point 6

We Smoothen the Learning Curve to Make Your Revision Efforts More Efficient

J1 Economics - Promo Preparation Program

At Ace Academy, we have a defined Game Plan for you.

Some students are really hardworking but the efforts might prove futile if you are studying the wrong the things (think memorization).

Our J1 Promo Preparation Program will help you understand what is lacking, equip you with the correct thought process and point you in the right direction for revision.

Maximize your revision efforts and get the proper guidance on homework and practices done. Clarify doubts on the go with whatsapp support 7 days a week, and follow our lesson plan to be adequately prepared before the exams.

You will also get in-house notes, chapter summaries, model essays and model answers so you never have to source for resources externally.

 Achieve Success at the J1 Promos that will Carry Through to the A levels! 

Tested & Proven
Three-Pronged Strategy

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The Concepts and Skills You Need to Do Well in the the Promotional Exams

J1 Economics - Concept Recap

Recap of Essential Concepts

Economics being a new subject, there are many foreign content you learn for the first time. We help you cut through the noise by extracting the essential concepts from every topic so you can focus on what truly matters.

For each chapter, we tell you what to memorize, what you need to understand, which diagrams are important and how to apply them in different question types.

You will also receive condensed notes, mindmaps and summaries for revision.

J1 Economics - Essay Writing Techniques

Essay Writing Techniques

By now, you would have realised that memorization and regurgitation does not work for Economics.

In our weekly lessons, you will learn essential skills, from dissecting question requirements to writing detailed explanations, that will help you hit L3 consistently. We will also expose you to trending questions and the framework to approach all questions.

On top of that, you will receive a deep library of 40+ Model Essays to guide you in formulating high quality answers during the exams!

J1 Economics - CSQ Techniques

CSQ Techniques

Learn the Tips and Tricks to write accurate and detailed answers within the given time frame.

Unknown to many students, there is a framework to answer CSQ questions. From annotating the case to selecting the right points, you will master key techniques to approach long and short form questions.

Get detailed outlines and model answers to different types of Case Study Questions when you join us on our Promo Preparation Program.

Tailored Lessons for Greater Efficiency

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For the J1s, different schools follow a different topic sequence. This means that the topics tested for the promotional exams are different as well. 

When you enroll in our Promo Prep Program, you will join a class that mirrors your school's syllabus so what you learn is highly relevant. You will practice on essays and CSQs that are tailored to examinable topics, and receive Model Essays and Answers to show you what is expected in the exams.

Follow our Structured Lesson Plan and be adequately prepared for your schools' promo exams without the last minute stress!

Blended Learning at its Best.

Attend Lessons Physically or Via Zoom and
Get Access to our E-learning Platform for Revision

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Attend Physical Lessons..

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.. Or Online Via Zoom.

Enjoy Flexibility & Convenience

We know you have your preferences. Flexibility from Blended Learning means you can attend Intensive Revision Classes at our centre in Thomson Road (Walking Distance from RI & 3 Bus Stops from EJC) or tune in from home via Zoom.

JC Economics - Class Recordings

+ Access to Lesson Recordings

Get Access to all class recordings so you never have to worry about missing anything important. Rewatch lessons at your own time and pace, whenever you want to!

That's not all..
Unlimited Access to our
Online Learning Platform
for Ease of Revision.

(Save up to $240!)

JC Economics - Concept Videos

180+ Bite-sized Videos Explaining all key Concepts in the Econs Syllabus

JC Economics - Chapter Mindmaps

Mindmaps for Every Chapter

JC Economics - Model Essays

Trending Essay Questions and Model Essays Across all Chapters

Enjoy a sneak peek to our concept video on "Positive Externalities"