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JC Math Tuition:
June Holiday Crashcourses

JC Economics Crashcourses
All the Skills You Need for the Economics Exam

The Exposure, Skills and Resources to Crush the Mid Year Exam

Get Ready For Your Common Test..

With Our JC Math Crashcourse

A level H2 Math Tuition Class

✔️ Exposure & Familiarization to Must Know Math Questions 

✔️ Learn to Dissect Questions, Break Down Requirements & Apply The Right Formulas

✔️ Think Critically to Approach Every Question with a Logical Flow

✔️ Step by Step Guided Process to Tackle Tricky & Complex Questions

Knowing the Math Theories and Formulas isn't enough. Our Math Crashcourse will expose you to different question types and teach you teach you the thought process to tackle all questions thrown your way.

JC Economics Crashcourse - What to Expect
Unlock the Economics Essay and CSQ Skills

Learn the Secrets to Solve JC Math Questions

A Structured Approach that Simplifies JC Math Problems 

JC Math Crashcoure - Question Dissection

Dissecting the Question to Reveal the Concept You are Tested on

Cut through the complexity to identify the topic and concepts you are tested on. Once you do that consistently, you will know which formulas to apply and how to work through the question with ease.

JC Math Framework

Master the Framework Applicable to All Questions

After attending the Crashcourse, you will realize the rationale behind JC Math Questions are similar. We equip you with an answering framework that you can use to tackle every question systematically

The Math Crashcourses

Whether you are J1 or J2, these Crashcourses are Strategically Designed According to Your Syllabus

June Holiday JC Economics Crashcourse
JC Economics Crashcourse - June

For the J1 Students

JC Math Crashcourse

JC Math Crashcourse - J1 H2 Math

"40 Question Types to Get You Fully Prepared For The Mid Year Exam"

Duration: 2 x 2hrs (30mins break in between)

Date: 9 June, Friday, 1230pm to 230pm, 3pm to 5pm

Location: Attend Online OR Onsite

What is covered: J1 topics up till the mid year exam

- Taught by Teacher Kenneth, Ex MOE, Head of JC Math

For the J2 Students


J2 Math Crashcourse

Intensive Revision of Key Topics - Day 1


12th June, Monday, 1230pm to 230pm, 3pm to 5pm (30mins break in between)


J2 Math Crashcourse

Intensive Revision of Key Topics - Day 2


13th June, Tuesday, 1230pm to 230pm, 3pm to 5pm (30mins break in between)

What's Included In the Crashcourse

1. Annotated Notes that summarize everything taught in class, for easy revision

2. Option to attend online via zoom or onsite at Thomson

3. Whatsapp Support from Teacher Kenneth beyond the crashcourse

4. Option to have hardcopy materials sent to your place if you attend online

(softcopy will be provided regardless)

5. A Mock Exam Paper will be sent to you before the Crashcourse. We will explain the answers in depth so you can apply and reinforce what was taught during the course.

Get a Headstart On A level Math

Brush up on Exam Essentials this June Holidays

Exposure to H2 Math Questions

1. Less on Concepts, More on Question Application

For every question, we walk you through a structured process to break down its requirements and solve it step by step.

Discover the common pitfalls and avoid making costly mistakes. Develop the instinct and prowess to think critically and adopt a clear methodology for every question.

Full length model answers are provided so you can revise on your own beyond class!

A level H2 Math - Skills and Techniques

2. Exposure to Important Question Types

Get exposed to questions that are likely to appear in the exams, so you are prepared beforehand.

This includes "hybrid questions" which combine concepts across different topics. 

Build familiarity and master the framework to approach every question systematically!

Want to Attend But Concerned That You Might Not Make it?

Fret Not.


Get Access to Lesson Recording, If You Can't Make it Last Minute

We know that sometimes, there are last minute commitments that crop up.

If that happens, you get access to the crashcourse recording for the whole of June, so there is ample time to watch at your own time and convenience.

Whatsapp Support from Kenneth still applies so you can clarify doubts on the get-go.

Here's What Parents & Students Say

JC Math_Testi1.jpeg
JC Math_Testi2.jpeg
Secondary Math Tuition Testimonial_Google
Secondary Math Tuition Testimonial_Google

"Provided me useful resources to aid in my learning of JC Math Concepts"
"Learnt ahead of the school's syllabus due to Mr Lim's diligence"

"Made Math more enjoyable and less mundane."

"Always gives useful tips on how I can improve, not only math but other aspects of studying"

"Going the extra mile to help each of us every lesson.. kind and supportive"

"Lessons are meaningful and productive.. super patient and kind teacher."

"highlight important key points to take note so I will not make mistakes when practicising the questions."

"adjust his teaching methods and styles to suit the student's needs."

Head Math Tutor Kenneth

Teacher Kenneth is an ex-MOE teacher who is also Head JC Math Tutor at The Ace Academy.

Having taught Mathematics for more than 10 years, Kenneth understands the difficulties you face. Through structured techniques and problem solving skills, we simplify the learning curve to transform math into a fun subject. With Chapter Summaries, condensed notes, worked solutions and formula sheets, you will find everything you need to achieve a distinction in A level Mathematics.

7 out of 10 students under Kenneth's tutelage score 'A' every year.

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