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A Specialised IP English Program

That Fast Tracks Your Child for General Paper (GP) in JC

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A Comprehensive IP English Syllabus That Includes English Literature and Language Arts

IP English Tuition Class

We understand that the IP English syllabus is robust, so as to prepare students for General Paper (GP) at the A levels, since IP students do not sit for the O levels.

Our curriculum mirrors this objective by infusing elements unique to the IP syllabus, such as 'Application Questions' (AQ), Literature Analysis, Language Arts (eg. Poetry) and Expository Writing. 

This not only trains your child to think and express themselves critically, but also sets the stage for a smoother transition into JC (Junior College).

Helmed by Teacher Alison, An Ex-MOE Teacher, Who Used To Teach At Nanyang Girls' High

Secondary IP English - Ex MOE Teacher

- Graduated from NTU with PDGE (Sec) in Both English & Literature

- Taught at several MOE Schools, Including IP English at Nanyang Girls

- Involved with Crafting Lesson Curriculum and Materials for Secondary English (IP) while teaching in MOE Schools.

Teacher Alison uses her 20 years of teaching experience to tailor an IP English Syllabus that mirrors the unique philosophy and intricacies of IP English. This includes exposure to Language Arts, Literature Texts, Higher Order Thinking and Writing Skills for different essay types. Through structured lesson materials and concise notes, she equips students with the skills and techniques to navigate the challenges of IP English with poise and confidence.

Smoothen your child's IP English journey and see swift improvements of 2 grades or more within 12 weeks!

IP English Tuition

Develop Critical Skills and Competencies To Excel In IP English

A Dynamic Curriculum that equips your child with the resources and knowledge to navigate the challenges of IP English.

Learn IP English the Smart Way
Core Competencies of IP English

Holistic Development that Covers All Critical Elements of IP English

To do well in the IP Program and A levels, just having a strong command of the English Language is not enough.

Learning at The Ace Academy is thematic, so your child gets exposure to themes close to our hearts, such as Technology, Globalization, Sports, Elderly, etc. 

Build critical thinking skills through higher order questions and learn to deliver coherent arguments through different writing styles.

Literature and Language Arts are also central to our curriculum so your child gains an advantage over their peers in school.

Pave a smooth journey for your child to transit into Junior College effortlessly.

What is Covered In Our IP English Classes

IP English

A Specialized Curriculum Designed for Students Taking IP English

Critical Thinking IP English
Essay Techniques IP English Tuition

Content Knowledge and Framework to Craft Persuasive Essays, required under the IP English Syllabus

Argumentative and Expository Essays are a key feature in IP English and A level GP.

Many students find this challenging because they lack the general knowledge for compelling arguments and real life examples.

Beyond the video and article discussions, we take you through various writing styles to present arguments using a clear and logical structure.


Our in-house notes and worksheets come with guiding questions, to encourage critical thinking and analysis of these topics from various perspectives.

Comprehension Techniques IP English

Answering Techniques to Tackle Higher Order Comprehension Questions (of the IP Syllabus), including the 'Notorious' Application Question (AQ)

Comprehension Questions under the IP English Syllabus involves more critical thinking and inference skills.

This increases the importance of "Answering Techniques" to write precise answers that hit marking requirements.


We also cover the infamous Application Question (AQ), to prepare your child for what is to come at JC level.

You can expected detailed notes and progressive worksheets, designed to guide your child on a gradual learning curve, so as not to overwhelm them.

IP English Literature Class

Note: Your Child Will Receive Guidance and Support on the Literature Text Specific to Their School

Literature is an integral part of Secondary IP English. 

Our program empowers you with adept skills in analyzing and extracting insights from literary texts, fostering a deep understanding of language and context.


Your child will gain exposure to a diverse array of literature texts commonly studied in school, broadening their literary horizons.

Through guided instruction, we teach your child to approach questions with a discerning mindset, honing the ability to respond thoughtfully and insightfully.

This comprehensive approach not only enhances their academic prowess but also cultivates a lifelong appreciation for literature's richness and depth.

IP English Language Arts

Empowering your child's language abilities through understanding of diverse 'Language Arts' forms

In our IP English classes, we illuminate the world of language arts through diverse poetic forms, fostering a deep appreciation for their unique cadence and expression.


Our guidance unravels the intricacies of "literary devices", unveiling their power to convey emotions and meanings. You'll develop an astute comprehension of these devices and their artful integration, empowering you to utilize them in your own writing.


Eventually, your child not only gain insights into the nuanced realm of poetry but also learn to wield its tools, enhancing their ability to craft evocative and resonant literary creations.


Personalized Guidance For Different Literature Text

IP English Literature

We know that different IP schools have their own designated Literature Text.

When you first enroll in our IP English Class, we will request for your school's syllabus.

Beyond the skills taught in regular classes, we provide extra 1 to 1 consultation, to go through the specific texts of your school and arrest concerns your child might have.

There are NO extra charges for these sessions and are they are designed to give your child personalized guidance on the books they are studying on.

An Extensive Library of

In-House Resources

IP English Model Essays
IP English Literature

Impeccably crafted to assist students on their IP English Journey

Here's a Sneak Peek into Some of Our In-house Resources,

Exclusive to Ace Academy English Students

IP English Model Essays.jpg
IP English Condensed Notes_edited.jpg
IP English Condensed Notes (1).jpg
Econs CC website.png

Continuous Support Beyond the Classroom

Whatsapp Support IP English Tuition
1 to 1 Consultation IP English

When your child enrolls in our IP English Program, we ensure that he/she has the structure, resources and support to do well.

Our materials are curated in-house, designed for progressive learning through guided examples and step by step frameworks. Notes, and worksheets are crafted "thematically" so your child gets the exposure required to do well.

More importantly, your child enjoys whatsapp support and complimentary 1-1 consultations, so you never have to worry that questions with homework or upcoming exams.

Achieve Better Grades in English

Give Your Child A Headstart That is Invaluable In the Later Years

We wish to emphasis that the end goal of the IP English Syllabus is to prepare for GP at the A levels.

Our Program is designed to be progressive.


Over time, we equip your child with the skills and ability to analyze question requirements, interpret texts, write convincing, and express themselves fluently. This ensures consistent good performance even as they move on to the later years. 


Through a myriad of activities, we want your child to enjoy the process of learning English, while building general knowledge and inquisitiveness that empowers self-directed growth.

Through streamlined methods, we provide replicable steps and techniques that your child can adopt, to see their grades soar.

This is the true spirit of the IP English Syllabus at The Ace Academy

Hear It From Students Who Attended Classes

IP English Testimonial
IP English Testimonial
IP English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial - From Fail to B3
Secondary English Testimonial - Thank you

"Lesson was easy to understand and he particularly like the tricks she shared for Comprehension."

"Teacher Alison is very clear in her explanations. She explained composition with a structure that is very easy to follow."

"Thank you for assisting Abigail... very grateful to have put her under your guidance."

"I am not good with words but I want to express my heartfelt thanks for guiding Bernice"

"Wow! Hope to let my other 2 boys to join you soon"

"My English prelim paper 1 got 22/30 for situational and 25/30 for free writing."

"Always being so patient and kind towards us.. Appreciate all the time and effort you have put in"

"Thank you for being my teacher for the past 1 and a half years."

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When you attend lessons with us, we want your child to pick out skills and knowledge that the school may not have time to cover.

Experience a differentiated learning approach, coupled with a comprehensive curriculum and curated notes, with lessons taught by an experienced IP English Teacher.

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