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Give Your Child a Clear Direction to Master the English Language. Book a Complimentary Diagnostics Session!

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Uncover the Real Underlying Issues to Give Your Child a Roadmap to Distinction

Provide your child with a clear structure to learn English, for quick and consistent improvements.
Claim a Complimentary Diagnostics Assessment (Worth $120)
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Is Your Child Doing Countless Practices With Little Improvements?

Book a Personalized Diagnostics Session to Understand Your Child Better

The Ace English Diagnostics was crafted to evaluate your child on two key areas: 
(1) Language Proficiency
(2) Academic Personality


Over the past 12+ years of teaching, we noticed that many students lack a proper structure to tackle English Questions. They tend to rely on "gut feel" or write answers that "sound correct". Hours spent doing practice after practice yield little results, leaving parents like yourself feeling lost on how to help them improve.


Our 1-to-1 Diagnostics session is specially curated to delve deep into your child's performance and pinpoint the underlying issues that are causing them to lose marks in the exams. Real-time interactions on Zoom allow us to understand your child's thought process and the reasoning behind their answers. Based on our evaluation, we will identify the gaps in your child's learning and share actionable steps to help your child achieve improvements of 2 grades or more in the final exams!

Here's What You Get From The Diagnostics Session
Based on Your Recent Test or Our In-house Diagnostics Worksheet.png
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Based on child's performance in the recent school test or weighted assessment, we will analyze the key areas where mistakes are made, and present this to you in a summarized format.

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Real Time Interactions allow us to delve deep into your child's thought process to understand their rationale behind writing those answers. This is an extremely crucial step because it gives us insights as to why the mistakes are made.

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Based on these findings, we will propose solutions in the form of actionable steps - what your child should focus on for visible improvements in their upcoming exams.

 You will also get the opportunity to ask questions and clear all your doubts once and for all. 

Mr Naga was spot on in his analysis of "J", when he spoke about his weaknesses."

- Mrs G, Parent

Understanding Your Child Better 

The first and most important step that will shape your child's academic journey

Radar Chart Scoring System.png
Language Proficiency
Based on the Five Key Components of the English Language:
English 5 components.PNG
Website personality image.png
Academic Personality
Take your child's performance to the next level by boosting his interest and confidence in the English Language. Discover the underlying academic personality and tailor teaching methods that will empower the strengths and cover up the weaknesses.
Focus on building good habits and tackle any challenges from your child's perspective. You will find yourself begin to understand the rationale behind some of the actions and behaviors! 

At the end of the Diagnostics Session, you will receive a Comprehensive Report containing:

An evaluation of your child's performance and the specific areas to look out for.

We will share with you and your child, a clear direction to work towards, so your practices are targeted at weaker areas.
Personalized feedback that describes your child's academic personality and their gaps in understanding.
We will also offer suggestions and tips to overcome these gaps in the easiest and swiftest manner.
A comprehensive plan that includes actionable steps that your child can take to formulate good habits and build consistency.
We will also cover answering techniques that can help your child tackle exam questions with ease.

"At first I was skeptical about what how much they can tell me through such a short session, but the analysis was accurate and it was helpful."

- Mr Khoo, Parent

Our Students Show Tremendous Improvements
Within a Short Period of Time

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English Testimonial_Issac_edited.jpg
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English Testimonial_Reyes_edited.jpg
English Testimonial_Google 1.PNG

"Yes! She gotten an A2.. was happy about paper 2."

"My English Prelim Paper 1, I got 22/30 for situational writing and 25/30 for free writing"

"I got 32/40.. second highest in my entire class.."

"Wow.. hope to let my other 2 boys join soon"

"His teaching methods are effective and are easy to remember."

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100% of our students improve by at least 2 grades!


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Attend the 1-1 zoom session, we will present our analysis and actionable solutions for quick improvements.


What The Parents Say



"What I previously thought were careless mistakes are actually due to his (son) tendency to use "gut feel" in answering questions"

Beach Banquet

Mrs Lim

"The Diagnostic Test was good and very accurate! I now understand why he finds it difficult to do comprehensions "

Stacking Blocks


"I used to think he (the son) was just being very lazy. It was very difficult to get him to do any homework. Now I see a change in his attitude when I stop trying to get him to just practise on past year papers and assessment books.

 Your Child Can Be the Next Success Story Too. 

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