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The Ace Academy Economics
The Specialist in A levels / IB Economics Tuition

The Smarter Way to Conquer A Level Economics

The Ace Academy (ACE Economics) is the leading JC Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore, that specializes in H1 and H2 Economics. Founded by Top Economics Tutor Terence Ang, you can expect in-house resources and extensive support to breeze through the Promo and A level Exams.
Since 2016, we have maintained a 90% rate of A/Bs yearly (well above the national average)

Raffles Instituition (RI/RJC)
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

"Terence is an Ex-Rafflesian (RI/RJC) who graduated LSE (London School of Economics) with First Class Honors"

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