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5 Reasons Why Online Classes is the Next Big Thing

The shift is inevitable. Online learning has gained popularity and acceptance in recent years but remains a hotly debated topic. Nonetheless at Ace, we firmly believe that online classes will become a cornerstone of effective learning. Technological advances have enabled online learning through video conferencing with high quality sounds and images, and collaborative tools that are not available in an offline setting . With devices such as mobile phones, tablets and personal computers readily available, it is easy to see why online classes are on the rise. The emergence of Gen Z learners also brings along a shift in mindset. The concepts of speed, convenience and comfort rank high on their list, and these factors contribute to eLearning's increasing acceptance. Students who seek a change to the traditional “pen-and-paper” study methods, are looking for an alternative style of learning that engages them. Discover five main reasons why they are shifting in the direction of online learning.

1) Convenience

This is probably the most appealing reason for the switch to online classes. It can be tiring for students to travel to and from tuition classes after school. After hours on the road, they still have to battle fatigue to finish outstanding assignments, sometimes working late into the night. Imagine converting this travelling time into rest or quality time with the family. Talk about maximising productivity! Students have also provided feedback that online classes allow them the luxury of studying anywhere, even during vacations!

2) Personalized Study Plan

Attending physical classes mean that students learn according to the pace that is set by the learning group. Students tend to have differing proficiency levels and they face difficulties in varying topics and segments. For instance, some economics students find CSQ (Case study questions) more challenging while some falter when answering essay questions. Online classes allow students the choice of tackling their areas of weakness more precisely, by choosing the classes which address their doubts. This translates into efficiency and students are more likely to actively engage in learning. Ace has built and launched powerful learning platforms that help to supplement our student's learning both in and out of classes.

3) Studying at their own pace

Every student is unique, and so are their studying preferences. Just as  schools arrange their syllabus differently to suit their students, students have their own approaches to prepare for examinations. The flexibility of managing their own pace builds confidence, because students can choose to learn ahead or backtrack to whenever they want. They have the choice to speed up or repeat classes, without fear or embarrassment, which might be present in physical classes.

4) Quality materials all in one location

A student’s life is hectic and stressful. Stress levels rise exponentially when exams draw near. Many students would have experienced the frantic rush to compile notes and materials for revision, only to realise that certain important pieces are missing. Even after they have gathered everything, they still need to sieve through piles of handouts to locate the ones they need. Online classes are categorized into main chapters, sub-topics and key concepts, by experienced tutors, which makes it easy to find the materials needed. Not to mention, they are all located in one place, saving precious time and eliminating logistical headaches!

5) Never miss another class

We live in an unpredictable and ever-changing world. From SARS to H1N1, and now the COVID-19 virus, unexpected situations may cause closure of schools and suspension of physical classes. Students also actively pursue sporting passions and other extracurricular activities beyond school life. Online classes give students the opportunity to pursue their passions without having to miss another class. Having an enriching life within and beyond the classroom leads to happier students, and better results.

Ultimately, online classes are not meant to replace physical classes entirely. They are tools to complement existing learning arrangements to help students achieve academic excellence more easily. This post contains feedback from students who enrol in our online classes and I would like to thank each one of them for their contributions towards writing this article.

Will online classes be the next big thing? You are welcome to leave your comments below!

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