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How to Get Your Child Interested in Reading

"My child doesn't read enough."

This is the most common concern among parents when they try to help their child improve in their Writing.

Indeed, reading is an integral part of every student's English learning journey, no matter which grade they are at. However, the biggest challenge that parents face, is how arduous it is to get their children to read. This problem is amplified in recent times due to the dominance of technology, that see children more interested in watching youtube videos (think Mr. Beast), or Netflix.

So, are there still viable ways to get our children to read? Here are some ideas that may get your child to pick up a book on their own.

Books made into Films

Movies are something that every child is fascinated by. To kickstart the habit of reading, try introducing books that have been made into films such as the Harry Potter series or the Chronicles of Narnia. This method works extremely well if they have seen the movie, and are enthralled by the plot and characters. Allow this interest to fuel their desire to read, by getting them books related to the film. Fiction books have a tendency to involve many twists in their plots, which will boost the creativity in your child. This creativity transforms into ideas that empowers them to write compelling composition pieces.

Books with Relatable Content

Another method is to introduce books that are based on content which your child can relate to. Source for books that are written based on the thoughts and imagination that children at their age have. One such example would be the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series. In this series, the author illustrates the daily life and challenges of a teenage boy, which is easy for children to relate to. This makes for an interesting read among children within the similar age group.

Books which are Short Reads

You can also recommend books which are short reads. A thick and wordy book is a sure way to get a child disinterested even before he starts reading. To create a more palatable reading experience, start with shorter reads that are easier on the eyes and the mind. A simple solution is to pick out bite-sized books. This ideally equates to stories which range from 5 to 10 pages. One such example is a compilation of short stories which can motivate even children with short attention span to read them. Progressively, you can move on to slightly longer reads which can be completed within a day. By repeating this process, you can slowly but surely entice your child to pick up reading.


Technology is a main culprit as to why children are not into reading books nowadays. on the flip side, we can use the same technology to overcome this issue that it has brought about. The solution would be audiobooks. When you purchase an audio book, it usually comes with the printed text and an audio clip recorded with a voice reading the text to you. One of the greatest benefits of audiobooks is that you will get the tone, diction and emotions delivered to your ears along with the book you are reading. This creates an immersive reading experience, that can get your child acquainted to books. Over time, your child will graduate from audiobooks to begin reading on their own.

With these alternatives, we hope you will be able to ignite the passion of reading in your child, that develops into a good habit throughout their lives!

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