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Personally, I have taught over 10 years. Initially when I first started out, I was teaching home tuition for a period of 6 years. Home Tuition is a very convenient arrangement for both the parent and the student. However, through my culmination of experiences in home tuition, I have managed to identify a few problems.

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- Nicholas Chong,

Head English Tutor

Individual VS Group Tuition

Why English With Us?

Problem #1: Student Mindset

"At Home, the student is in what I term as an 

This sets the wrong tone as the student is not ready for lessons mentally. In a laid-back environment, students are highly susceptible to distractions and may hence, lower their absorption rate. 


Additionally, in an individual lesson setting, the attention span usually comes to a plateau and tapers off mid-way through classes, leading to mental fatigue or in worse cases, students loathing classes.

At Ace, We Pride Ourselves On Having a Conducive Classroom Environment

Our classrooms are fully equipped with functional projectors and monitors. Complemented by our Trump Card Incentive System with a Gamification Approach, students are constantly engaged in lessons and they take ownership over their grade improvements!


At Ace, time flies when you are having fun while learning. Students from all parts of Singapore travel to see us and they absolutely love our classes here! Just ask them!

Problem #2:

Structure and Focus on Techniques

"At Home, students are tutored most of the time with a
run-of-the-mill approach."

Not to mention, the pedagogy is usually ad-hoc and students struggle to understand why they do not do well despite countless drilling sessions.

At Ace, We have Solidified a Tried and Tested Structure and Syllabus

The focus of our classes is on the Answer Techniques. My philosophy is very simple “Questions may vary from time to time, but Answering Techniques will always remain the same”. This is how we have guided students to achieve results in a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. 

Bonus: Magical Ingredients

"At Ace, conventional as it may seem, we believe in the magical wand (The Marker) and the incredible mirror (The White Board)"

Since time immemorial, these tools have been used to guide great minds to achieve academic success and I cannot overstate their importance for the emphasis of key techniques!

Ready to take that First Step towards Academic Success?

At Ace, ALL our teachers have the ability to captive the attention of students and in so doing, charter their path to direct success.


What are you waiting for?

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