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Lower Sec IP English
Literature Workshop

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Suitable for IP1 & IP2 Students

Acquire the Skills to Tackle the Language Arts
(Dramas Analysis + Unseen Prose/Poetry)

Struggling With 'Language Arts' Under the IP English Syllabus?
This Workshop Can Change That.

Improve 2 Grades for PSLE English

Learn to Appreciate the Language Arts and Acquire the Exams Skills to Answer Questions

The Language Arts is daunting because many students are not sure what to expect and how to "study" for it.


For example, an unseen prose looks like a comprehension, but the text given is unlike what students are used to.

In this workshop, we tackle three key areas of 'Language Arts' that are common across the IP Schools - Dramas, Unseen Poetry and Unseen Proses.

We take you through potential questions you will see and the analytical skills that are required to dissect and break down questions. You can expect guided examples from various literature texts, poetry of different genres and proses written in various styles.


While we do not have time to cover everything in depth, you will develop an analytical mindset and exam skills to appreciate the Language Arts and do better in the upcoming WAs!

Language Art Workshop

Specially For IP Students

Skills to Dissect and Analyze Literature Texts;

Techniques to Tackle Unseen Poetry and Prose

PSLE Holiday Workshop
PSLE English Techniques
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2 Day Workshop for IP1 & IP2 Students

Day 1: 12 March, Tue, 11am to 245pm

Day 2: 13 March, Wed, 11am to 245pm

(Lunch Break from 1230pm to 115pm)

Location: Bukit Timah Branch

Address: 140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-03, Beauty World Plaza, Singapore 588176

Literature Workshop

for IP1 & IP2 Students

1) Drama Analysis 

(Shakespeare & Local)

Eg. Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Emily of Emerald Hill, etc

i) Examine various parts of the play with reference to character, setting, tone, etc

ii) Learn to analyze literature text from various perspectives

iii) Interpret the given text with critical judgement and evaluation

**Examples will be provided from the various school's literature books to aid contextual learning

2) Unseen Poetry & Prose

i) Learn to extract key details from poetry and prose

ii) Go beyond the surface to interpret what the reader is trying to express

iii) Framework and techniques to approach poetry and prose

iv) Exposure to various question styles and tips on what to meet marking requirements

**Concise notes and model answers will be provided


Question and Answer Session to Clarify Doubts on Individual School's Literature Text

We recognize that the literature texts differ from school to school. As such, students might have specific questions pertaining to the book covered by their school.

In addition to providing examples from various books during the workshop, we will conduct a QnA session at the end where students can seek clarification on personal questions. 

Beyond the workshop, students can also write in their questions via whatsapp or email for continued support and guidance.

Equip Your Child With The Skills and Techniques For Their IP English Journey

Learn to Dissect and Interpret Texts with an Analytical Mind, and appreciate the beauty of Language Arts

Learn Through Examples

#1 Approach the Language Arts with an Analytical Mind

Be it Drama, Poetry or Prose, we teach your child to examine the text with reference to different elements such as character, tone, etc.

We equip your child with the skills, mindset and framework to read texts with critical judgement and evaluations.

Apply Key English Techniques

#2 Detailed Model Answers For Easy Revision

In this workshop, we demonstrate how to identify marking requirements and craft answers that are required.


Your child will receive detailed model answers to facilitate revision and learning beyond the workshop.

Reinforce learning through assessments

#3 Guided Examples from various sources

We recognize the diversity of the IP English Syllabus. In this workshop, we have included examples from various literature texts and proses of different genre.


This aids contextual learning and give students a chance to relate back to what is taught in their school.

Taught By Teacher Alison,

Ex-MOE Teacher from Nanyang Girls High

Secondary IP English - Ex MOE Teacher

- Graduated from NTU with PDGE (Sec) in Both English & Literature

- Taught at several MOE Schools, Including IP English at Nanyang Girls

- Involved with Crafting Lesson Curriculum and Materials for Secondary English (IP) while teaching in MOE Schools.

Teacher Alison uses her 20 years of teaching experience to tailor an IP English Syllabus that mirrors the unique philosophy and intricacies of IP English. This includes exposure to Language Arts, Literature Texts, Higher Order Thinking and Writing Skills for different essay types. Through structured lesson materials and concise notes, she equips students with the skills and techniques to navigate the challenges of IP English with poise and confidence.

Smoothen your child's IP English journey and see swift improvements of 2 grades or more within 12 weeks!

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Hear It From Students Who Attended Classes

IP English Testimonial
IP English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial - Thank you

"Lesson was easy to understand and he particularly like the tricks she shared for Comprehension."

"Teacher Alison is very clear in her explanations. She explained composition with a structure that is very easy to follow."

"I am not good with words but I want to express my heartfelt thanks for guiding Bernice"

"My English prelim paper 1 got 22/30 for situational and 25/30 for free writing."

"Always being so patient and kind towards us.. Appreciate all the time and effort you have put in"

"Thank you for being my teacher for the past 1 and a half years."

Two Choices Available for Class


Attend Lessons Onsite or Online. Get Hardcopy materials delivered to your doorstep when you attend online.

Physical class at Ace Clinic Education

Attend Physical Lessons..

Online English Tuition Ace Clinic Education

.. Or Online Via Zoom.

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Our centre is located at 7A Thomson Ridge. (Opposite the newly opened 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) Alternatively, tune in from the comfort of home via Zoom.

Online Class Ace Clinic Education

Lesson Materials, Model Answers and Annotated Notes will be given so you have all the resources for revision.

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(March 2024 Workshop)

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