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O Level English Tuition

O level English Targeted Practice
O level exam preparation


Boost Exam Readiness and Techniques Mastery Through Targeted Exposure & Positive Reinforcements

Jump 2 Grades In 3 Months:

Our Surefire Two-Prong Approach to Dominate O Level English

O level English Targeted Drills

"Targeted Drilling" on 'Must-Know' O level Questions to secure A2 comfortably.


We do not just drill on past year questions in general. We focus on question types that students have difficulty with and provide practice across different variations for each question. This reinforces technique application and mastery of exam skills, which enables our students to tackle them in the O level English exam.

Jump 2 grades in 3 months

"Stretch Questions" that bridge the gap between A2 & A1

Over the years, we have seen tricky 'curveball' questions that leave students stumped. We extract, compile and craft a list of questions that prepare our students for such questions. Through exposure and practice, we equip your child with the tools and skills to achieve that coveted 'A1' grade.

Our Curriculum is Crafted According to the Latest O level 1184 Syllabus

Yes, we are aware of the new O level English syllabus that affects the O level English Exam from 2023 onwards.


After careful examination of the new MOE syllabus, mark schemes and specimen papers, we have developed new lessons and materials to incorporate these changes.

You can expect detailed notes on how to tackle these questions and targeted practices of the new format (O level Oral & Visual Text). We have also prepared a range of question types to address potentially "challenging" questions, so your child is well equipped for the O level English exam.

Helmed by Teacher Alison, An Ex-MOE Teacher, who Taught O Level English for 20 Years 

O level English Tutor Ex MOE

- Graduated from NTU with PDGE (Sec) in English & Literature

- Taught at 2 MOE Schools, Specializing in Secondary English

- Involved with Crafting Lesson Materials for Secondary English while teaching in MOE School.

Teacher Alison uses her 20 years of teaching experience to craft an O level English Curriculum that simplifies learning for students. Through specially designed lesson materials and annotated notes, she equips students with the skills and techniques to tackle Comprehension and Essay Writing.

Gain exposure to 'Must-Know' O level questions and targeted practice on challenging types to see swift improvements of 2 grades or more within 12 weeks!

Unlocking Success: A Structured Approach to All Questions, that can be Applied Directly in the O level Exam

Dedicated Skills, Answering Techniques and Extensive Resources For Comprehension & Essay Writing.

O level Comprehension Techniques
O level English Essay Writing Skills

We provide students with structured methods that serves as a blueprint, to approach all question types effectively.


We don't just stop at theory; we believe in practical application.

Through purposeful practices and targeted drilling, we help students develop mastery of these answering techniques, enabling them to confidently demonstrate their knowledge during the O level exam.

The Ace Academy Advantage

English Class Featured on Channel 8

Small Class Size For Greater Attention & Closer Guidance

Our O Level English Revision Classes are capped at maximum of 9 students to a class.

This increases attention for every student, allows better engagement and gives us the opportunity to correct mistakes swiftly. The small group also empowers peer learning and pulls up the performance of students collectively.

An O level Gameplan that Stretches Your Child Above His/Her Potential

At ACE, we go beyond doing past year papers. 

When you attend our O level revision class, we delve deep into targeted practices on selected questions. These questions serve to reinforce answering techniques and build consistency in using them across different question types.

This includes 'Must-know' questions that students struggle with and 'trick questions' that appear different from 'conventional' O level questions.

This is the strategy that pushes your child to make that leap from A4 to A1!
Ace Clinic Education Featured on Channel 8

What is Included in the O Level Final Sprint Program

1. Weekly Revision Classes that cover all key aspects of O level English: Comprehension, Summary Writing, Different types of Essay Styles & O level Oral

2. Model Answers and Model Essays Given for Easy Revision.

3. Option to attend online via zoom or onsite at Thomson

4. Whatsapp Support from Teacher Alison beyond weekly class

5. Option to have hardcopy materials sent to your place if you attend online

(softcopy will be provided regardless)

6. Extra practices available upon request (we will mark all work done by your child!)

7. Option to book 1-1 consultations at NO extra charge

A Strategy Proven by Past Batches

100% of students who attend by our Final Sprint Program improve by 1 Grade or more!

Remarkable O level English Results From The 2022 Batch!

O level 2022 English Results

✅ 100% of Students Scored B3 or Better!

✅ 64.7% of Students Scored A1 or A2

✅ 100% of Students improved by 1 Grade or More 🔥

Our Heartfelt Congratulations to O level Students for the Stellar Performance!

Hear It From Parents & Students Who Attended Classes

O level English Testimonial
O level English Testimonial
O level English Testimonial

"Particularly like the tricks she shared for Comprehension"

"Teacher Alison is very clear in her explanations"

"How to write composition with a structure this is easy to follow"

"You guys are so good that I've referred my niece to you too"

"...Really helped my son jump a few grades"

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