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IGCSE Economics Tuition

Terence has built an Economics strategy that infuses the best strategies he used during Junior College, making numerous Dean's Lists in Raffles Instituion, scoring an A for A levels and graduating from LSE with 1st Class Honors in one of the most difficult Economic programs in the world.


What you get in class is a highly structured program with customized notes and rigorous practice that is highly exam-oriented. Terence teaches you to strategically meet marking requirements to provide a framework for effective revision. All of these are designed to help you focus on the essentials and build a replicable exam strategy that would yield big improvements by the time your IGCSEs arrive.


 We do not regurgitate what is taught in school, but focus on helping you to connect the dots. We condense hundreds of pages into easily understandable concept maps to aid retention. All practice questions covered are carefully curated to provide a healthy mix of commonly tested and challenging questions so that you are prepared for any questions that may come up.  


We help our students build strong foundations through our content classes. We explain difficult concepts in simple, digestable steps so that you know how to draw all the diagrams that are expected and be able to explain theories with great clarity and rigor. You will walk out of class with a deep understanding of the material and find answering questions coming more naturally and easily.


There is a heavy emphasis on exam techniques in class. You will get specific instructions and tips on how to break down questions and ensure that your answers are meeting the marking requirements. The beauty of it is that everything is packaged into a compact and replicable strategy that you can use for almost any question type, giving you a clear idea of the structures required to maximize your score and achieve the elusive A*.


Read What Happy Clients Say

"Prior to joining Terence’s Economics tuition classes, I always felt lost during my school lessons and subsequently scored an S in my mid year exam. However,over the past year and a half under his tutelage, Terence really helped me pull my grades up. He is a patient and dedicated tutor who is able to explain abstract and complex Economics concepts in an easily digestible manner.Furthermore, his suggested essay structure really helped me frame my answers precisely and ensure all the key information required was present. His detailed feedback helped me to continuously improve my essay writing skills. Lessons with Terence were never dull as he is humorous and always discusses seemingly dry topics in an animated manner. His dedication to his students goes above and beyond any normal teacher. If I ever had any queries, even if it was the day before an exam or late at night, I could always text him and he would promptly respond with a thorough explanation. Whenever I asked for more essay or case study practices, he would be more than happy to prepare other JC papers for me to try. Additionally, his comprehensive topical notes really helped me focus on key concepts and diagrams during my exam preparation. Without his guidance and unwavering support, I would not have been able to achieve the results that I attained for my A-levels. Not only was he a knowledgeable tutor, he was also my “cheerleader” who encouraged me to have the confidence to do my best for my A-levels. Despite starting off disliking Economics, he helped me realise that learning Economics can actually be very fascinating and enjoyable! "

Ally Dee | VJC | Grade: A | 2016

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