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1st Class Honors BSc. Economics

London School of Economics

Raffles Junior College

Raffles Institution

Raffles Institution (RI/RJC)
London School of Economics (LSE)

About Me


I believe in the value of education because I have been a beneficiary of it myself. I would have never made it into RI without my mother's tireless coaching and guidance, and would never have been able to afford the fees without the EESIS scholarship from the government. It is with this appreciation and gratitude that I approach my responsibilities as an educator.

I attended a neighborhood primary school, graduated as the top PSLE scorer and moved on to RI. My family could not afford tuition back then, and I strongly believe that my success is a result of my mom's commitment to giving me a great education. She was only an O level graduate, but being my Mom, her dedication and commitment to helping me improve was unparalleled. I have no doubt that those formative years with her as my teacher explained my success in the years after - straight As for A levels, moving on to LSE and graduating with First Class Honors in Economics.

My Education Approach

Every child learns differently. Many people believe the solution is coming up with different learning systems, and these same people tout the value of these systems. The truth is children do not benefit from customized learning systems; they benefit from mentors and tutors " customizing themselves" to reach out to them.


Great teachers are not necessarily great content specialists, but they are almost always great motivators. Students do not care about whether we have a Masters' degree or PhD. In the classroom, its the human interaction that counts.


They need to be convinced, impressed and motivated to do their very best. This is the secret to helping students improve and an essential ingredient to our approach at Ace and is what sets us apart.


Xu Jiaxin, RJC '16

Aside from his impeccable expertise, Terence goes the extra mile in his personal dedication to his students' wellbeing and confidence. I appreciate everything that Terence has done to help me work from an E to an A grade, and I would highly recommend his services to any struggling economics students out there.

Angel Oviya, NJC '15

Classes with Terence was something I looked forward to and he made Economics easily understandable and enjoyable. Although I spent only 2 hours weekly with Terence, he took me from the bottom 10% of my cohort to an A for A levels in less than a year.

Yang Yijin, RJC '14

Terence is a knowledgeable and yet humorous tutor. He really ignited my interest for the subject and I always feel extremely motivated after his lessons. The help and motivation that Terence gave me the boost I needed to score an A in my A levels within a few short months.





My lessons are extremely methodical. Students can expect to walk out of classes with replicable strategies that they can take straight into the examination hall. They are taught to focus on the content that matters, recognize question types and to manage their time. I give them a blueprint for success, and my track record of grade improvements is 100% - if my students utilize the tools I give them. I place great emphasis on building a healthy relationship with parents to ensure that the kids are doing their practice at home to achieve maximum results.   



I'd love to hear from you

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