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Structured lessons that tackle problem areas to achieve improvements in the shortest amount of time.

Interactive activities and fun quizzes designed

to capture attention and maximize learning.

...All from the comfort of your home.

Conquer Problem Areas in No Time.

100% of students improve by at least 2 grades

Writing Strategies and Model Compositions

Answering Techniques to Comprehension, Cloze, Synthesis & Commonly Tested Exam Questions 

Strong Language Fundamentals for Consistent Results


Nicholas is an ex-Rafflesian who graduated from the National University of Singapore.

Having tutored English (Pri, Sec, IGCSE) for more than 10 years, his philosophy is to deliver exam-centric strategies to help students improve in the shortest time. From tips and tricks to master content more quickly and answering techniques to tackle commonly tested questions, you will find everything you might need to achieve a distinction - over mobile, tablet or PC.

Essential Components (Primary Levels)

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Compo Writing.PNG
Synthesis and Transformation.PNG

Achieve Excellence (Secondary Levels)


With the right answering techniques and exam strategies, you would be scoring perfect marks on a consistent basis.

Don't leave your results to chance! Learn strategies that work all the time.


Visual vs Narrative vs Expository Comprehensions:

Acquire skills and techniques essential to score high marks consistently in the various comprehension passages. Get exposed to structured practices on commonly tested questions, to see improvements in no time.


There are 3 main types of essays: Narrative, expository and hybrid.


Discover various writing styles to tackle different types of essays and uncover your favorite! Receive model essays, plan your stories and learn to articulate thoughts into beautiful writing.

Featured Classes

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Primary Level
Secondary Level

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