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Getting Your Child Ready for the New Composition Format in the Primary 5 English Syllabus

P5 English Headstart
P5 English Headstart 2023

Be Ready For the Change,
Before it Sneaks Up On You.


"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

This is the reason why most students experience a huge dip in performance in Primary 5 English.

This is especially glaring in Composition Writing, because there is a distinct change in the Writing Format, that requires students to include more details, clearer descriptions and more vivid plot developments.

Many parents panic after lackluster results in the school exams, but this stress can be easily avoided if your child is prepared for what is to come.

This is the objective behind our P5 Headstart Program

=> To Familiarize your child with the skills and strategies to write elevated Compositions required at P5, during this December Holiday.

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Give Your Child the Headstart They Deserve.

Check Out Our P5 English Headstart Program.
Download the Info Pack here.

DL P5 Eng Headstart Info Pack

From Average to Awesome.


Pick Up Content Strategies & Language Techniques to Bring Their Writing to the Next Level. 

From Analyzing the question, to planning the story, we provide your child with detailed instructions on what to do when writing any composition.

This not only roots out confusion, but also alleviates their confidence when doing composition writing.


We want your child to discover the joy of writing, that comes naturally when they have structured processes and strategies to follow. 

In this program, we equip your child with the knowledge of what is essential in a "model composition", and replicable skills on how to bring their writing to life, through simple writing techniques.

Your Child Will Dread Composition Writing No More!

Our Headstart Program

A Deep Dive into Composition Writing for P5 English,

and How to Write Engaging Pieces that Score Well

P5 English Headstart Schedule
Primary 5 Composition Writing Class
P5 English - Composition Writing Workshop

Day 1: Insights into Composition Writing for P5 English

Part #I: Question Analysis

Learn to Identify the theme tested in the question, extract key information from the pictures and apply the guiding questions into relevant parts of the composition.

Part #II: Story Planning

Sort and arrange the information extracted from above and place them coherently to form a story.


This includes adding characters, building a strong conflict, introducing suspense, climax, a powerful resolution and a lasting conclusion.

P5 English - Composition Writing Workshop

Day 2: Content Strategies + Language Techniques to Bring Your Writing to the Next Level

Part #I: Composition Writing in Parts

Understand the critical elements that make up each part of the composition:

1) 5 ways to write an introduction

2) Elements to an interesting conflict

3) Strategies to build climax and suspense in the story

4) Crafting a meaningful resolution to the conflict

5) Leaving a lasting impression through the conclusion

Part II: Language Techniques for Vivid Descriptions


What is Covered:

i) Use of "Show-Not-Tell" Writing Technique

ii) Incorporate the use of language and literary devices

iii) Using words and phrases suitably, based on the context

iv) Adding descriptions and elaborations where necessary

Class Schedule

PSLE English Headstart 2023

Date & Time

3 December, Saturday, 10am to 1pm

PSLE English Headstart 2023

Date & Time

7 December, Wednesday, 10am to 1pm

A Systematic Approach to Brush Up On Composition Writing Techniques 

From Story Planning to Language Techniques, we equip your child with the knowledge and skills to write engaging composition pieces.


#1 Question Analysis to Identify Marking Requirements

Many students fail to perform this step which can lead to answers that are out of point or fall short of marking requirements.

We teach your child to analyze and plan their composition efficiently so they approach every composition question with speed and accuracy.


#2 Check that Critical Elements are Present in Each Segment

We provide your child with clear guidelines on what to include in each segment, so they meet marking requirements head on.

From 5 different ways to write introductions, to creating meaningful conflicts, we teach replicable strategies to stretch your child's writing potential.


#3 Model Compositions For Revision

We understand that it takes time for your child to familiarize with the new Composition syllabus. 


Which is why we have prepared 12 different model compositions across 3 main themes, so your child can revisit the techniques and strategies taught in class.

All Model Compositions come with a glossary of useful words and explanations so they are useful for revision.

exposure to questions.png

Set Your Child Up For Success With Our Headstart Program

Familiarize with the P5 English Syllabus to Breeze Through the Year On Solid Footing

exposure to questions (1).png
Essay Writing Strategies.jpg

Three Distinct Process to Write Solid Compositions

Question Analysis + Story Planning: When picking up any composition question, we teach your child to analyze what the question is asking for. From identifying the theme to extracting information from the pictures, answering the guiding questions and planning the story, your child will learn to approach composition with rigor and gusto.

Content Strategies: An engaging story is propped up by various elements throughout the composition. Starting with Introduction, we take your child through the various segments and highlight the critical bits of every segment. This ensures a baseline score for content that translates into consistent performance!

Language Techniques: To leave a lasting impression, your child needs to use the most suitable words and phrases, based on the context of the question. Through techniques like "show-not-tell", "literary devices", etc, we equip your child with the tools to write vivid descriptions that hook the reader from start to the end.

In-House Resources For Revision Beyond Class

Essential Words To Boost Your Vocabulary For Composition Writing

Essential English Words for Composition

Model In-house Compositions Written by Ace Clinic Students

PSLE English Model Compositions

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

We want to provide your child with extensive resource support so he/she may revise easily after class.

Model Compositions with detailed explanations and a glossary of helping words will be given to your child. A copy of the Techniques are also provided for reference.

Two Choices Available for Class

Attend Lessons Onsite or Online, according to your preference

Physical class.png

Attend Physical Lessons..

Online Class English.png

.. Or Online Via Zoom.

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Our centre is located at 7A Thomson Ridge. (Opposite the 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) Alternatively, tune in from the comfort of home via Zoom.

For Website.png

Model Compositions and Lesson Materials will be sent to you via email so you have all the resources for revision.

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Proven Strategy Since 2010

9 out of 10 students score an 'A / B' in the PSLE, every year.

9 out of 10.png

Our workshop is designed to help you achieved improvements through extensive question exposure and mastery of essential techniques.

Upskill your child with clear techniques that can be replicated in the exams easily. Language is taught thematically to help boost Vocabulary. You will receive worksheets and model answers for extra practices after the course.

Clear all doubts, avoid common mistakes, accelerate the learning progress to achieve your desired grades in Comprehension and Comprehension Cloze!

How Ace Students Performed at the 2021 PSLE

Another Stellar Performance! 😍

PSLE 2021 English Results Ace Clinic Education

✅ 80% of Students Achieved AL1 / AL2

✅ 90% of Students jumped 2 Grades or More 🔥

✅ A Student was even featured on the news for his remarkable results

Not to mention that all these were achieved despite the disruptions and challenges faced during this Covid Pandemic.

In 2021, we saw an incredible 80% scored 'AL1/AL2'. Some of these students jumped multiple grades within a short span of months.

Will you be part of our Success this year?

Hear It From The Students Who Attended Classes

English Testi 1.jpeg
English Testi 2.jpeg
English Testi 4.PNG
English Testi 6.PNG

"Editing 8/12 (2-4 marks last time)"

"Systhesis 6/10 (0-2) last time"

"I used u and Tchr Naga tips for Compo and I scored 32/40... 2nd highest in my entire class"

"Catered for Higher ability children.. I am cming back cause Adil enjoyed Mr Naga's class and im hopeful he will be able to focus well on Adil's weaker areas to attain the extra marks.."

"Glad to know this (Naga is the teacher). Ethan told me he'd really enjoyed Mr. Naga's class the last time he went for headstart program."


Nagavello is an ex-MOE teacher who was also the Level Head for English.

Having taught English for more than 10 years, our program teaches answering techniques and exam strategies that helps you improve in the shortest time. Through fun and engaging sessions, you will find everything you need to achieve distinction in the PSLE. Nagavello was a Finalist for the President Award for Singapore Teachers in 2016.

Students Share Their Experience with Ace Clinic Education

Step Into 2023 with Absolute Confidence

It is important to equip your child with the right structure and mindset to embark on their P5 English Journey.

Equip your child with the knowledge and skills to write compositions that meet marking requirements, so they do not have to fumble in the dark and deal with the stress of poor performance. To complement the learning experience, we will provide in-house notes and detailed model compositions for revision.

Give your child a solid Headstart to P5 English in 2023.

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