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Registration for 2022 Classes are Open.

Primary 1 to 6 Math Classes

at Ace Clinic Education

Primary 1 to 6 Math Classes
Primary 1 to 6 Math Classes

Experience a trial lesson that equips your child with the critical thinking skills to solve Math Problem Sums with Confidence.

Equipping Students with the Thought Process to Solve Problem Sums

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Hi Parents, is your child struggling to do problem sums, even though he/she is scoring well in paper 1?

To help your child improve, you go to great lengths to buy various assessment and guide books, even setting aside time to guide them through the various problem solving methods.

Eventually, after your child manage to complete a few questions under your guidance, they end up stuck again... when you give them a similar question to try on their own.

We Understand How You Feel.

Which is Why We Designed our Math Classes to Focus on the Skills and Thinking Process to Tackle Problem Sums.

High chance is, your child has spent lots of time in school learning math concepts and various methods such as "Model Drawing", "Branching Method", "Part-Whole Concepts", "Ratio Method", etc.


 But what they lack is a clear and guided structure to understand question requirements, identify the concept involved and apply the steps correctly.

This problem solving process has to be broken into parts so your child is fully aware of what to do, when solving a math problem.

These critical thinking skills can then be nurtured through 'practice', when your child is approaching every question with a systematic and structured thought process.

So if you are interested to find out how to boost your child's ability to solve problem sums, read on.

The 'I-A-S' Framework

A Systematic Approach to Solve Any Math Problem Sums

Primary Math Problem Solving Framework
Primary Math Problem Solving Framework
Identify Apply Solve - Primary Math Problem Solving Framework

"It is important to give your child a structured process with clear steps to take, when solving any problem sum"

Sample of PSLE Math Problem Sum

Step 1️⃣: Identify Keywords and Concept tested in the Question

When attempting any problem sum question, we train your child to take out keywords that provide the information required to solve the question.


Example of common keywords would include:

"5/11 of the remainder"

"2/9 of the total left"

"At First, ..."

"After ..."

"half as much as"

These words provide essential information that is needed to solve the problem. It also tells the student what concept is tested in this question, which will guide them to choose the most appropriate method (As seen in Step 2)

Primary Math - Apply Heuristic and Problem Solving Method

Step 2️⃣: Apply the Appropriate Method or Heuristic

This is arguably the most important step in the problem solving process.

Many students get stuck despite knowing the various methods, because they lack the skills to link the information to the correct concept and apply the appropriate method/heuristic.

For example..


"5/11 of the remainder" would suggest that remainder concept is tested, and students can use the "branching method" to solve the question.

The words "At First" and "After" would suggest that there is a before-and-after scenario in the question, and the student can make use of "model drawing" to answer.

In class, your child will be trained to understand the different methods and heuristics, so they know when to apply the most suitable method, based on the question they face.

Solve Math Problem Sums with Correct Steps

Step 3️⃣: Solve the Question by Performing the Correct Steps

There are students who falter in this final stage because they fail to adapt the method/heuristic according to question requirements.

For instance...

When solving a question involving "equal fractions", your child needs to know which are the fractions to make the numerator the same.

When drawing the models for "before-and-after", your child needs to know the strategies to spilt the units so they can identify the value of one unit.

When using the "Branching" method, your child needs to know how to manipulate the fractions, based on the information given and what the question is asking for.

These are the skills that your child will be taught in class. Through close guidance and practice on similar question types, your child will learn to approach any problem sum in a systematic and consistent manner.

We Focus on the Process, Not just the Answer.

Use of Guiding Questions to Stimulate Your Child to Think Critically

Build Critical Thinking for Math Problem Sums

We Do Not Spoon Feed Students with the Answers.

Instead, we like to use "Guiding Questions" and "Hints" to give students clues, so they can work through the steps and derive the answer on their own.

This implores them to think critically and trains them to pick out essential information. It also enables us to check that students truly understand the question and are not blindly copying the answers.

For example, when guiding students on "Model Drawing", we ask questions like:

"Given this fraction, how many units should we draw for Helen and Kelly?"

"How should we represent the 120 books that are given away?"

"Why do we spilt each unit into 3?"

Through this process, students take part in problem solving and gradually build confidence to tackle problem sums on their own. 

"I Try - We Try - You Try"

A Progressive Approach to Develop Your Child's Ability to Solve Problem Sums on Their Own

Primary Math Learning Method

"I Try"

We demonstrate the step-by-step process to solve the math problem, with detailed explanations of each essential step.

Primary Math Learning Method

"We Try"

Students are given a similar question to attempt. We use hints and guiding questions to point students in the the right direction.

As much as possible, we offer minimal help to allow students to work it out themselves.

Primary Math Learning Method

"You Try"

Students are given questions to attempt on their own. This trains them to apply what they just learn and check that they truly understand the concept.

Once students can solve them on their own, they will be able to answer similar questions in future.

This Approach allows students to internalize and understand the concepts/methods taught, by giving them a chance to participate in problem solving. This ensures that they are NOT just copying solutions without thinking. It also allows us to correct any mistakes on the spot.

Extensive Resources For Fuss-Free Revision

Get Access to Bite-Sized Learning Videos and Detailed Worked Solutions to recap what was taught in class

Recorded Learning Videos on Math Problem Sums
Worked Solutions for Math Problems

Here's a Sneak Peek of How We Guide Students to Solve Problem Sums Using the I-A-S Framework

Math Pri Website - Extensive Resources.png

Get Access to a Library of Bite-sized Teaching Videos, covering Different Problem Sums

From Remainder Concept to Model Drawing, our videos cover the 16 main concepts/heuristics tested in the PSLE.

Watch and learn from concise teaching videos that will guide your child through questions in a step-by-step manner.

Still have doubts after watching the videos? Simply drop us a whatsapp or email and we will answer your questions directly.

Math Pri Website - Worked Solutions (1).png

Detailed Worked Solutions for Revision After Class

During lessons, we want students to focus on understanding the concepts and learning the problem solve process.

Worked Solutions are given so your child can easily refer to detailed solutions for recap of what was taught in class.

This allows you, as parents, to sit down and revise with your child easily.

Enroll your Child in a Customized Program

that Charts Out a Smoother Path to Success

Math Structured Roadmap

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Attend a Trial Class to understand your child's strengths and weaknesses, and his/her current proficiency. Give your child an opportunity to experience how Math lessons at Ace Clinic Education are conducted.

Step 2: Receive individualized recommendations on which areas your child should focus on to see fast improvements. Our MOE-trained teachers will provide you feedback on the learning style that fits your child's academic personality.

Step 3: Discover customized classes and resources that are tailored to your child's proficiency level. The Ace Math Program is designed to target weak areas and teach problem solving skills that will see child's grades soar in no time!

We Give You the Resource Advantage to Ace Your Exams

Everything You Need to Prepare for the PSLE or Year End Exam

PSLE Math Formula Sheets

Topical Formula Sheets - A Perfect Companion For Easy Recap Before the Exams

1. If you are doing a quick recap the night before the exams, there isn't time to flip through books and stacks of notes.

This is where these formula sheets come in handy. Revise through all the important formulas, categorized by topics, and save time to squeeze in more practices!

Non-Routine Questions Primary Math

Exposure to Non-Routine Questions.. So Your Child is Prepared for the Unexpected.

2. In recent years, "Non-routine" questions have become a norm in the PSLE Math Exam.

These are questions that are phrased differently from "standard questions" or contains a "fusion of concepts" or both. If your child is aiming for AL1 or AL2, then it's essential that they get exposed to such questions before sitting for the PSLE.

Our Question Bank consist of non-routine questions across all major P6 topics, so your child is truly prepared for the PSLE.

Primary Math Formula List
Math Triangles Notes
Math Distance speed time

Streamlined Materials for Each Chapter,

To Maximize Learning Efficiency.

3. Our materials are designed uniquely for each topic, to mirror the requirements of the chapter and boost learning efficiency. Through diagrams, charts, formulas and shortcuts, we help students internalize concepts the easier way.

When you join the Ace Math Program, you can expect to receive curated materials for each chapter, that break down complex concepts into simple, bite-sized pieces.

Math Number Cards
Mini Whiteboard for Online Learning
Math Colored Flash Cards

Creative Tools for Engaging Classes

4. From mini whiteboards to numbers cut-outs and colored flash cards, students who attend our Math classes are never bored. Through hands-on activities and creative tools, we build an engaging class environment that fosters learning productively.

At Ace, we encourage the practice of "Active Participation", where students contribute ideas and take part in class discussions. This approach ensures that every lesson is an impactful one.

Math Percentage Worksheet
Math Percentage Worksheet
Math Percentage Worksheet

Customized Worksheets for Different Proficiencies

5. Each Student has their "strengths" and "weaknesses". This is where banded practices kick in, to ensure that students are stretched to their full potential,

Our Question Bank comprises questions of various difficulty levels so students are given targeted practices scaled to their level. Doing targeted practices is one of the main reasons why our students improves in the shortest time possible. If the need arises, our teachers will craft tailored worksheets and materials for students of different bandings. This privilege is available exclusively for Ace Clinic students.

Your Child's Progress

Is Tracked and Monitored Regularly

Math Mini Assessments

Chapter Tests & Mini Assessments

At Ace Clinic Education, we are committed to see constant improvements from our students.

These mini tests serve as "checkpoints" to evaluate your child's proficiency and allow us to tailor lessons and materials that target weaker areas. These assessments also mimic exam conditions and get students comfortable in performing under pressure.

Customized Feedback for Learning

Solution-centric Feedback

No, we do not give feedback for the sake of it.

The feedback you receive are concise manifestations borne of active observations and insights into the performance of your child. You can expect solution-based recommendations to foster positive habits, and build effective learning processes for your child.

A Reward System that Gets Your Child Excited for Class

Positive Reinforcements that truly work!

Ace Clinic Education Reward System

You do not have to "force" your child to attend classes anymore.

Learning is most effective when students are motivated and excited for classes. The Ace Clinic Trump Card Reward System** empowers students to study smart, do well and get rewarded!

There are Trump cards up for grabs every lesson. This motivates students to revise their work diligently and come for class prepared. Bonus cards are awarded when they perform well in mini quizzes, timed assessments and participate in class activities!

We aim to cultivate the winning mindset in our students, that they can achieve their desired results if they work hard in accordance to our program.

And.. they get rewarded for it!

**Trump Cards are redeemable for anything they wish to purchase.

Nurture Interest and Build Confidence
in their Early Years 

Registration for 2022 Classes is Open.

What You can Expect from Our Program

MOE Teacher

Ms Loo is an MOE-Trained teacher who possess years of experience in nurturing students to perform at their best. Her ability to pinpoint weak areas accurately allows us to tailor a customized roadmap for your child.


Her experience as an MOE teacher also paves the way to engaging lessons that make theoretical concepts easy to understand


All materials given are in line with the MOE Curriculum, and designed to target pain points to help your child improve in the shortest amount of time.


Individualized Attention

Classes are capped at 8 students to maximize the attention that every individual student would receive. Our class planning is meticulously designed to ensure that students are put into classes with a lesson pace that best suits their learning styles and abilities.

Our small class size also encourages the concept of "Active Learning". Your child is given the opportunity to participate in class, which promotes effective learning and fast absorption of concepts taught.


Rigorous Curriculum

Our program focuses on heuristics and problem solving strategies to equip pupils with model-drawing skills and logical thinking skills to solve challenging questions. Our methods are highly replicable and in-line with with MOE best-practices to help our students achieve their maximum abilities.

Our curriculum goes beyond the usual approach of going through worked solutions "question-by-question". Through puzzles and creative worksheets, your child will be exposed to different ways that they might be tested in the exams.

Every Child is Unique.

Arrange for a Trial Lesson to understand their Strengths & Weaknesses

Read What Happy Clients Say

Thank you for all the dedication and hard work from the teachers at Ace Clinic. My boy scored A* for PSLE Maths!

Nan Hua Primary School  l  A* for Math

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