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PSLE English Tuition


All Segments Covered:

English Paper 1 + English Paper 2 + PSLE Oral


The Winning Formula for PSLE Excellence:

Question Exposure + Techniques Reinforcement + Targeted Practice

PSLE English Strategy

With the PSLE English Exams around the corner, time is of the essence.


This is how we designed this Final Sprint Program: To contain critical elements proven to build exam readiness and achieve 2 Grade Jumps within 12 weeks.

Question Exposure

There are certain questions that are tested in the PSLE every year. However, they may be disguised in different forms and styles. We have these questions prepared so your child steps into the exam ready to tackle them with confidence.

Technique Reinforcement

By now, your child is already aware of the skills and techniques for Paper 1 & 2.

These PSLE revision classes will train them to apply these techniques consistently for every question, so no guess work is involved. 

Targeted Practices

We do not believe in mindless practice on past year papers.

Instead, we have handpicked 'challenging questions' that students have trouble with, so your child dedicates his/her time to improve on the areas they need the most.

"Whether you are looking to improve from the 50-60 mark range or pushing from AL2 to AL1, we will get ready.. just in time for PSLE."

Helmed by Teacher Naga, An Ex-MOE Teacher, who was also Level Head of English

Teacher Nagavelloo Primary English Teacher

- Ex-MOE Teacher with more than 10 years of Teaching Experience

- Level Head of English while teaching in MOE School

- Finalist for the President's Award for Teachers

Teacher Naga uses his 10+ years of teaching experience to craft a PSLE English Curriculum that simplifies learning for students. Through specially designed worksheets and annotated notes, he equips students with the skills and techniques to tackle "tough areas" such as Comprehension and Composition Writing.

Through structured answering techniques, unbeatable resources and constant support beyond class, we help your child improve their grades quickly and maintain consistent performance.

Proudly Featured on the Channel 8 News!

Primary English Tuition - Featured on Channel 8 News
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Download Info Pack to the PSLE Final Sprint Program

Get details of our PSLE English Final Sprint Program sent to your email.

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The PSLE Blueprint: Taking Revision to the Next Level

All-in-One Package that Includes the Guidance, Resources and Support Your Child Needs.

PSLE English Revision - Targeted Practices

Targeted Practice, NOT Mindless Drilling

While doing past year papers help, they are NOT an efficient use of time.

At The Ace Academy, we focus on questions that will make a difference between AL3 and AL1.

We work on 'Must-know' questions that are usually tested, followed by 'Stretch' questions to ensure your child is prepared for any challenge thrown their way.

PSLE English Revision - Resources

A World of Resources, Primed for Easy Revision

Our notes not only summarize the key skills and techniques for PSLE English, but also present them in a manner that is easy for revision.

You get 'Answering Techniques' for all segments of paper 2, as well as the framework and rules for PSLE Composition.

( This includes both Situational & Continuous writing)

PSLE English Tuition - Support

Extensive Guidance & Support

We are here to guide and support right up till the PSLE.

Got a question beyond class?

Did extra practice that need marking?

We got you covered.

Get direct whatsapp to our English teachers and book 1-1 consultations at no extra charge!

The Ace Clinic Education Advantage

PSLE English Tuition - Small Class Size

Small Class Size For Greater Attention & Closer Guidance

Our PSLE English Revision Classes are capped at maximum of 9 students to a class.

This increases attention for every student, allows better engagement and gives us the opportunity to correct mistakes swiftly. The small group also empowers peer learning and pulls up the performance of students collectively.

A PSLE Gameplan that Stretches Your Child Above His/Her Potential

At The Ace Academy, we go beyond doing past year papers. 

When you attend our PSLE revision class, we delve deep into targeted practices on selected questions. These questions serve to reinforce answering techniques and build consistency in using them across different question types.

This includes 'Must-know' questions that students struggle with and 'trick questions' that appear different from 'conventional' PSLE questions.

This is the strategy that pushes your child to make that leap from AL3 to AL1!
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What is Included in the PSLE Final Sprint Program

1. Weekly Revision Classes that cover ALL Key Aspects of PSLE: Paper 1, Paper 2 & PSLE Oral

2. Emphasis on 'challenging areas' such as Comprehension & Composition Writing

3. Option to attend online via zoom or onsite at Thomson

4. Whatsapp Support from Teacher Naga beyond weekly class

5. Option to have hardcopy materials sent to your place if you attend online

(softcopy will be provided regardless)

6. Extra practices available upon request (we will mark all work done by your child!)

7. Option to book 1-1 consultations at NO extra charge

A Strategy Proven by Past Batches

100% of students who attend by our Final Sprint Program improve by 1 Grade or more!

How Our Students Performed At The 2022 PSLE English Exam

2022 PSLE English Results

"On average, the 48 students who joined us for our PSLE Final Sprint Program in 2022, improved 2.25 Grades"

Will you be part of our success story this year?

Hear It From The Students Who Attended Classes

Primary English Testimonial
Primary English Testimonial
Primary English Testimonial
PSLE English Tuition Testimonial
PSLE English Tuition - Testimonial

"With Teacher Naga's guidance, he has improved quite a lot.. Last time we aimed for AL3, now we hope to get AL2 and above"

"Editing 8/12 (2-4 marks last time)"

"Systhesis 6/10 (0-2) last time"

"Gave Positive Feedback on lessons conducted... She is now more confident in EL. Thank you!"

"Without you Mr Naga, he could not have achieved this my family is very grateful to you"

"I used u and Tchr Naga tips for Compo and I scored 32/40... 2nd highest in my entire class"

"Catered for Higher ability children.. I am cming back cause Adil enjoyed Mr Naga's class and im hopeful he will be able to focus well on Adil's weaker areas to attain the extra marks.."

"Glad to know this (Naga is the teacher). Ethan told me he'd really enjoyed Mr. Naga's class the last time he went for headstart program."

Students Share Their Experience with Ace Clinic Education

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