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June Holiday Workshops

PSLE Techniques for Comprehension

For P5 & P6 Students

English Paper 1 + English Paper 2 + PSLE Oral

Get Ahead This June Holidays.

Improve 2 Grades for PSLE English

4 Pivotal Segments Covered Over 4 Days

PSLE English is challenging because questions can be tricky and unpredictable at times.

This is where "Answering Techniques" come in handy. 


As the saying goes: "Questions may change, but the skills and techniques to answer them remain the same."

In these PSLE English Crashcourses, we expose your child to different question types and guide them on structured processes to tackle them.

You can expect intensive skills-based classes that introduce key skills and techniques unique to each segment, so your child can perfect them over the upcoming months, before the PSLE exam.

So, if you wish to get your child accelerated on their PSLE English preparation journey, these are courses you do not wish to miss.

PSLE English Classes March 2023

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The PSLE Crashcourses

Synthesis & Transformation, Comprehension Cloze, Comprehension OE, Composition Writing

PSLE Holiday Workshop
PSLE English Techniques

#1: Comprehension (OE) Crashcourse

17th March, Friday, 4pm to 6pm

Straightforward Techniques to Tackle Every Type of Comprehension Question

1) Identify Keywords & Marking Requirements

2) Extract the Correct Information

3) Rephrase Answers According to the Question, with Keyword / Phrase included

We will cover a range of different questions to demonstrate how these techniques should be applied.


#2: Composition Writing Crashcourse

18th March, Saturday, 10am to 12pm

How to Create Powerful Conflicts that Produce Interesting Stories

In this Crashcourse, we teach your child to create compelling conflicts that bring their compositions to the next level.

Most students falter because of a weak or farfetched storyline. Through relatable examples and a structured framework, we guide your child on the thought process and techniques to craft an exciting plot that gels with the composition question.


#3: Synthesis & Transformation Crashcourse

15th March, Wednesday430pm to 630pm

Systematic Approach to Commonly Tested PSLE Questions

Gain Exposure to Frequently Tested Questions and Avoid Commonly Made Mistakes

We will 


#4: Comprehension Cloze Crashcourse

16th March, Thursday, 4pm to 6pm

Make Use of Contextual Clues to Derive the Most Appropriate Answer

The 'blank' in Comprehension Cloze are set based on contextual clues found within the passage.

We teach your child to identify these clues and follow a systemic process to derive the correct answer consistently.

Gain Clarity On How to Tackle Each Segment

Question Types.jpg

Understand the Different Question Types That Can Appear In Each Segment


The Skills and Techniques to Tackle Each Question Type Systematically

In each Crashcourse, your child will gain exposure to the different types of questions that can appear in each segment. We will guide your child on the thought process to approach each question and the techniques to derive the correct answer systematically.

Your child will not have to depend on 'Gut Feel' to answer questions any more!

Give Your Child An Early Start On PSLE Preparation

Targeted Practice + Critical Resources That Will Strengthen Your Child's Foundations For the Journey Ahead

Learn Through Examples

#1 Extensive Question Exposure

We have questions of varying difficulties and styles, to get your child acquainted with different ways they can be tested in the PSLE.

At this juncture, it is important to build familiarity so we can build good answering habits and tackle weakness areas with precision.

Apply Key English Techniques

#2 Detailed Model Answers

Your child will receive detailed model answers and model compositions that highlights the important elements taught in class.

This allows for easy review and revision after class, and facilitate better retention of knowledge.

Reinforce learning through assessments

#3 Targeted Practice, NOT Mindless Drilling

Practices lead to improvements only if your child is working on the segments they need help with.

The questions we go through in the crashcourses are a compilation of 10+ years of teaching experience, and access to thousands of questions in our resource bank.

In-House Resources For Revision Beyond the Classes

Templates for Revision and Usage Beyond the Holiday Workshop

Story Mountain Template Sample.png

Model In-house Compositions Written by Ace Clinic Students

PSLE English Model Compositions

Customized Worksheets for Easy Learning and Absorption

Customized Worksheets PSLE English

Answering Techniques & Summary of Important Elements Taught in Class

PSLE English - Answering Techniques

Taught By Teacher Naga,

An Ex-MOE Teacher & Level Head of English

Teacher Nagavelloo Primary English Teacher

- Ex-MOE Teacher with more than 10 years of Teaching Experience

- Level Head of English while teaching in MOE School

- Finalist for the President's Award for Teachers

Teacher Naga uses his 10+ years of teaching experience to craft a PSLE English Curriculum that simplifies learning for students. Through specially designed worksheets and annotated notes, he equips students with the skills and techniques to tackle "tough areas" such as Comprehension and Composition Writing.

Through structured answering techniques, unbeatable resources and constant support beyond class, we help your child improve their grades quickly and maintain consistent performance.
Naga Channel 8.jpg

Two Choices Available for Class


Attend Lessons Onsite or Online. Get Hardcopy materials delivered to your doorstep when you attend online.


Hear It From Parents & Students Who Attended Classes

PSLE English Testimonial_Whatsapp
PSLE English Testimonial_Whatsapp
PSLE English Testimonial_Whatsapp
Primary English Testimonial
PSLE English Composition Testimonial_Whatsapp

"Without you Mr Naga, he could not have achieved this my family is very grateful to you"

"I used u and Tchr Naga tips for Compo and I scored 32/40... 2nd highest in my entire class"

"Kelten English Quiz got 18/20.. Before he attended class, he got 10/20."

"Catered for Higher ability children.. I am coming back cause Adil enjoyed Mr Naga's class and im hopeful he will be able to focus well on Adil's weaker areas to attain the extra marks.."

"Glad to know this (Naga is the teacher). Ethan told me he'd really enjoyed Mr. Naga's class the last time he went for headstart program."

Physical class at Ace Clinic Education

Attend Physical Lessons..

Online English Tuition Ace Clinic Education

.. Or Online Via Zoom.

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Our centre is located at 7A Thomson Ridge. (Opposite the newly opened 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) Alternatively, tune in from the comfort of home via Zoom.

Online Class Ace Clinic Education

Lesson Materials, Model Answers and Annotated Notes will be given so you have all the resources for revision.

How Our Students Performed at the 2022 PSLE

We are extremely proud of their performance 😍

PSLE Results 2022 - Ace Clinic Education

✅ 71.8% of Students Achieved AL1 / AL2

✅ 100% of Students jumped at least 1 Grades 🔥

✅ Honorable mention to the students who leapfrogged 3 grades or more, to achieve AL1 or AL2.

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