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Exam Centric Economics Tuition: Designed to pull up your grades in the shortest amount of time.

Concept Application & Exam Techniques to Help You Achieve Distinction in the A levels

Proven Track Record of 70% Distinction Since 2010!

Receive Detailed Model Essays and Model Answers to an Extensive Range of Exam-Type Questions

Gain Access to our Online Library of Bite-sized Content Videos that allows you to clarify your doubts anywhere, anytime. 

Learn Useful Exam Tips and Answering Techniques to Tackle Essays and Case Studies in a Systematic Manner

Homework Support through Whatsapp Consultations Beyond Classroom Hours

We Consolidate the Essential Economics Concepts
(And tell you what to study and what to memorize)

Receive Personalized Feedback and Improvement Tips Specific to You

They (Online Lessons) feel very similar to face-to-face lessons and typing answers is also more efficient without the concern of illegibility.

- E. Chew, DHS

Maximize Class Time Learning the Exam Skills that Matter

A level Economics Essay Writing Techniques

Essay Writing Techniques

(For Students Taking H2 Economics)

A level Economics CSQ Strategies

Case Study Strategies

(For Students Taking H1 and H2 Economics)

When you attend Economics Tuition at Ace Clinic Education, we make sure you pick up the necessary skills needed to do well in the Promotional exams and A levels.

Whether you are taking H1 or H2 Economics, we equip you with the answering techniques and structure to approach different types of questions.

This includes:
1) Question Analysis
2) Identifying Question Requirements (based on marks allocation)
3)  Point Selection (from the many concepts in the JC Economics syllabus)
4) How to Elaborate and Explain your points
5) How to annotate and extract key points (for Case Study Questions)
6) What keywords, phrases and diagrams to include
7) How to write high impact evaluations

The Same High Quality Resources as Students Who Attend Tuition Onsite

H2 Economics Model Essay
H2 Economics Model Essay
H2 Economics Model Essay
H2 Economics Model Essay

Model Essays

A level H2 Economics Cheatsheet
A level H2 Economics Cheatsheet

Exam Cheatsheets

A level Economics CSQ Answers
A level Macroeconomics CSQ Answers

Model CSQ Answers

JC Economics Mindmaps

Topical Mindmaps

An Unbeatable Resource Library for Exam Preparation

All students who attend Economics Tuition at Ace Clinic Education, get access to a comprehensive range of resources. 

These materials not only streamline your learning but also help in revision for the promo and A level exams.

From Model Essays and Model CSQ answers to Exam Cheatsheets, you will have everything needed to excel and do well in the Economics Exams.

Access to Class Recordings for All Lessons

Recordings for All Economics Tuition Classes

Never Worry About Missing Anything Important!

Missed a class due to other commitments? Want to check back on something taught during class?

We got you covered.

All our Classes are recorded and you get full access to these recordings after every lesson. Rewatch these lessons at your own time and pace, whenever you want to.

(Or Simply Whatsapp us at 9155 5433)

Top Economics Tutor Terence

Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 10 years, our classes deliver essential "must-knows" with your convenience in mind. From tips and tricks to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels - over mobile, tablet or PC.

Some Google Reviews on Economics Tuition with Terence

Economics Tuition Testimonial - ACE
"Terence is an amazing teacher... Clear in his explanations... Good exam tips that really do work..."
- A. Cheng (From S to A)
Economics Tuition Testimonial - ACE
"Terence is a great teacher... Managed to understand concepts alot better and apply them"
- E. Seah (A for A levels)

Our Online Economics Classes At A Glance

Skills You Learn

1. Structure and Flow to write structured and coherent essays

2. Know which graphs and diagrams to draw


3. Apply theoretical concepts into exam questions and elaborate with key definitions, phrases and keywords

4. Perform Question Analysis, Dissect Questions, Identify Marking Requirements and construct answers that award the marks


5. Strategic time management to finish the exam paper within time limit

6. Proven answering techniques to approach Case Study Questions (CSQ) and Essays

What You Get

1. Quality notes and Condensed Materials that are ideal for revision and test preparation

2. Exposure to trending exam questions and tricky "curve-ball" questions


3. Model Essays & Model CSQ Answers to Every Topic - To guide you on what a Model Answer should look like.

4. Model answers to Ten Year Series (TYS)

5. Personalized Feedback and Improvement Tips Tailored Specially for You

6. Whatsapp Support and 1 to 1 Consultations

7. Access to all lesson recordings for easy revision

More flexibility in terms of lesson content, less physically demanding and more productive.

- Rach, NYJC