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Revise the Most Challenging Topics of the JC Math Syllabus, that make up 50% of what is tested in the A levels

JC Math - H2 Math Crashcourse
JC Math - Answering Techniques

Good Grades Don't Happen Overnight for JC Math.

Start A level Preparations Early With Our March Crashcourses

A level H2 Math Tuition Class

Revise for the Upcoming Block Test and Get a Headstart on A level Preparations

JC Mathematics is challenging because questions are application based.

Just knowing math concepts and doing practices is not enough. You need critical thinking skills and a structured approach to questions, that are sharpened through targeted practices.

In our 2-day crashcourse, we cover the most essential topics of H2 Math, that make up 50% of the 'Pure Math' Component.

We will equip you with skills and strategies to break down complex questions and tackle them systematically. Gain exposure to various question types so you know exactly what to do when a similar one appears in the exam.

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Download J2 Math Crashcourse Info Pack

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Pick Up the Skills and Techniques to Tackle the Most Demanding Topics of JC Math

J2 Math Crashcourses:
2 Classes Over 2 Days


Day 1: Calculus

(Differentiation, Integration, and their Applications)

Date: 14 March, Tuesday, 10am to 1pm

Attend Online or Onsite


Day 2: Vectors

(All Segments Covered)

Date: 17 March, Friday, 10am to 1pm

Attend Online or Onsite

These Two Topics Combined, Easily Make Up 50% of the 'Pure Math' Component Tested at the A levels.

In other words, if you want to do well at A level H2 Math, you need to be extremely skilled at the above topics.

In our March Holiday Crashcourses, we dish out a range of question styles and types, with varying difficulties so you get an idea of what to expect in the exam.

For each question, we take you on a step-by-step walkthrough, that emphasize on the thought process and critical thinking involved. You will also receive full length model answers with detailed explanations for easy revision beyond class.

J2 Economics Bridge the Gap Between Theory and Application

What You can Expect from These Crashcourses

Write Fluent and Coherent Economics Answers

Acquire a Techniques Driven Approach to Tackle Questions with Confidence

Exposure to H2 Math Questions

Build Familiarity through Extensive Question Exposure

At Ace Clinic Education, we DO NOT believe in mindless drilling.

Instead, we want you to maximize your time working on questions that are likely to appear in the exams. This include exposure to "hybrid questions" which are wildly popular in the recent A level H2 Math exams. 

Build familiarity and pick up the skills to tackle different question styles, so you are fully prepared when a similar one is tested!

A level H2 Math - Skills and Techniques

Techniques & Strategies You Can Apply Directly in the Exams

For every question, we walk you through a structured process to break down its requirements and solve it step by step.

Discover the common pitfalls and avoid making costly mistakes. Develop the instinct and prowess to think critically and adopt a clear methodology for every question.

Full length model answers are provided so you can revise on your own beyond class!

Greater Flexibility With Blended Learning

JC H2 Math Online Class
Attend H2 Math Classes Online

Attend The Crashcourses Online Or Onsite

Attend H2 Math Classes online or onsite

Ask questions any time during class and clarify doubts in real-time.

Received annotated notes and model answers for easy revision after class.

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Whatsapp Support Beyond Class

Whatsapp Support Beyond JC Math Class

As students of Ace Clinic Education, you get continued support even beyond class.

Got a question while revising? Confused over a certain concept or formula?

Students can whatsapp Teacher Kenneth directly, to clarify doubts on the go.

In-House Resources For
Ace Clinic Students

Impeccably crafted to assist in learning and revision

JC Math Resources
JC Math Notes and Practices
Condensed Notes J1 Math Headstart
Curated Math Practice with Model Answers

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

We understand that some of the math concepts might appear abstract and confusing.

To smoothen the learning curve, we prepared condensed notes that summarize what is important from each topic. Get your hands on practices that comes with detailed explanations and model answers, you will not find elsewhere!

Hear It From Parents/Students Who Attended Classes

JC Math_Testi1.jpeg
JC Math_Testi2.jpeg

"Supportive and patient tutor from Ace Clinic."
"Ample resources such as JC H2 Maths notes and practices"
"Adjust his teaching methods and styles to fit the students' needs"
"Able to keep up with lessons in school and I even learnt ahead of the school's syllabus"

"He made math more enjoyable and less mundane."

"Able to cope with math as a subject better.

Head Math Tutor Kenneth

Teacher Kenneth is an ex-MOE teacher who is also the Head Math Tutor at Ace Clinic Education.

Having taught Mathematics for more than 10 years, Kenneth understands the difficulties that your child faces. Through structured techniques and problem solving skills, we simplify the learning curve to transform math into a fun subject. With Chapter Summaries, condensed notes, worked solutions and formula sheets, you will find everything you need to achieve a distinction in A level Mathematics.

7 out of 10 students under Kenneth's tutelage score 'A' every year.

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JC2 Math March CC Reg

Kick Start Your A level Preparations this March Holidays

Sec 1 Math Bridging Program

Reinforce Critical Skills to Start Term 2 on Solid Footing.

Recap what was taught in Term 1 and build competency in the most critical segments of A level Mathematics.

Strengthen key concepts, learn to apply formulas effectively and sharpening answering techniques to will smoothen the journey ahead. No matter how you are currently doing, hit the reset button with our March Crashcourse and hit the ground running in term 2.

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