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O level Math Headstart Program

Gear Up for the O level Sprint

O Level Math Headstart Program

Acquire Essential Problem Solving Skills to 'Must-Know'

O level Questions

O level Math Headstart Program

It's Important to Start Preparations Early.

Every year, the biggest struggles that students face is the 'Lack of Time' for revision and practice.

O level questions are generally 'skills-based', which means they are solved using the correct concept applications and the appropriate problem solving methods.

Learning these skills on its own, is not enough. Students need to master them through repeated practices across different question types and styles to build accuracy and consistency.

This process takes time and stress levels build up, the later you start.

So if there is one secret to doing well in the O levels, it's to.. START PREPARATIONS EARLY.

Tackling the 'Problem Areas':

Explanatory & Circle-based Questions

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Build Problem Solving Skills Through a Structured Learning Framework

Problem Solving Skills Mastery Framework

Explanatory Questions are trending in the O levels and Circle-based Questions are ALWAYS tested.

Unfortunately, these are the 2 segments that students face the most difficulty in. They also  hold significant weightage in the O levels, so it's crucial to master them.

Develop Problem Solving Skills to Solve Such Questions in a Systematic Manner

In this Holiday Program, we will be sharing tips, strategies and techniques to give students clarity in these 'problem areas'.

Your child will gain exposure to different ways they can be tested and learn to apply structured steps in answering such questions.

If you are looking to give your child a headstart in preparing for the O levels, these are the most important skills that will surely come in handy in the exams!

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Strategically Designed for the O levels

Bridge the Gap Between Concept and Question Application

Explanatory Questions O level A Math

How do I explain using 'Mathematics'?

Circles O level A Math
Differentiation Rules O level A Math

How to decide which rule to use for different questions?

So many different 'Circle properties', which do I use?

These are common questions that students face when attempting O level Questions.

The problem arises because they are unsure of how to link the concepts they have learnt into answering questions.

This is why we focus so much on 'Skills and Techniques', which guides students identify the correct steps to take based on the question requirements.

Through a range of different question types, this O level Headstart Program will guide your child to not just understand math concepts, but know how to apply them under various situations.

Help your Child Bridge the Gap Between Knowledge and Exam Application!

O level Math Headstart

3 High Impact Lessons to Start 2022 on the Front Foot

Holiday Headstart Program
Interactive Lessons
Math Lesson Explanatory Questions

Date: 4th Dec, Saturday,

9am to 11am


Date: 11th Dec, Saturday,

9am to 11am


Date: 18th Dec, Saturday,

9am to 11am

3 Lessons Over 3 Weeks

Methods and Techniques to Tackle the

Trickiest Topics in the O levels

Problem Solving Techniques O level Math

From the past 12 odd years of teaching, these are 3 areas that cause students to lose the most marks.

Not only do students need strong fundamental knowledge, they also have to be prepared for "non-routine" questions that can be phrased in many different ways.

Over 3 lessons, we will expose your child to different question types and teach them structured methods that are effective all the time.

Students will be taught to interpret question requirements, apply the right concepts & formulas and how to avoid the common mistakes.

O level Math Headstart Download
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Download the Headstart Info Pack

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You Can Attend Classes..

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Onsite at our Centre..

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.. Or Online Via Zoom.

In-House Resources For

Ace Clinic Students

Impeccably crafted to assist in learning and revision

Ace Clinic Education Math Notes
Learning with Notes

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Whether you attend classes online or onsite, we take pains to ensure that the quality remains the same.

Ask questions, clarify doubts and enjoy direct whatsapp support beyond class.

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Lesson Materials, Practices, and Model Answers will be emailed to students who attend online so you have everything you need for revision.

Step by Step Worked Solutions O level Math
O level Math Chapter Summary

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

When you attend classes at Ace Clinic Education, learning does not stop after lessons end.


Students receive practical notes such as Chapter Summaries and detailed step-by-step Worked Solutions to facilitate revision at their own time and pace.

All materials are crafted in-house by Teacher Kenneth to capture the essence of everything that's important!

Got a burning question? Simply Whatsapp Teacher Kenneth, our Head Math Tutor, to get clarifications conveniently!

Embark on Your O level Journey
on the Strongest Footing Possible

O level Math Headstart

Be 100% Prepared From Day 1

1. Get acquainted with different question types and Answering Techniques to tackle them.

2. Learn Advanced Problem Solving Skills that are crucial for the O levels

3. Learn to solve complex problems in step-by-step manner with curated worksheets that breaks down concepts and questions into digestible parts

4. Direct Whatsapp Support from Teacher Kenneth beyond the classes 

Hear It From Parents/Students Who Attended Classes

Secondary Math Testimonial
Secondary Math Testimonial
Secondary Math Testimonial

"Patient, Committed and Responsible Tutor who has demonstrated his passion for his students to excel."


"Helped my son understand his secondary school math concepts instead of just working the sums."


"Takes effort to assess my son's weakness, prescribes what is required to improve them and is committed in following up on the plan!"


"Improve from D7 to A2 within such a short period of time."

"Patient tutor... detailed in his explanations"

Head Math Tutor Kenneth

Teacher Kenneth is an ex-MOE teacher who is also the Head Secondary Math Tutor at Ace Clinic Education.

Having taught Mathematics for more than 10 years, Kenneth understands the difficulties that your child faces. Through structured techniques and problem solving skills, we simplify the learning curve to transform math into a fun subject. With Chapter Summaries, condensed notes, worked solutions and formula sheets, you will find everything you need to achieve a distinction in the O levels. 

7 out of 10 students under Kenneth's tutelage score 'A' every year.
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Empower Your Child with the Skills and Mindset to Excel in the O levels

The O levels can be daunting and stressful.

We cannot emphasis more on the importance of preparing early. In this headstart program, we take you through the 'toughest segments', and demonstrate how to solve complex problems using structured methods.

These critical thinking process and answering techniques will form a firm foundation to boost your child's proficiency to take on the upcoming challenges.

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