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An Unparalled Online Learning Experience, with Easy Access to Materials & Lesson Recordings For Revision

Difference in Delivery,
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Dear Parents, we hear and understand your concerns with online learning. We provided 'Live' online lessons even before Covid began and are constantly working to boost the quality of lessons and reduce any shortcomings.

- Are you concerned that your child will be distracted and inattentive during online classes?
- Are you concerned with the hassle of printing worksheets and lesson materials weekly?
- Are you worried about the lack of supervision if you are not around when your child is attending an online class?

The good news is.. These are concerns we have taking into consideration when planning for the conduct of our online lessons. From remote monitoring of every student's work, to integrated submission of homework & practices, we maintain the quality of teaching while amplifying the convenience of attending lessons online.
Read More to Discover 4 Key Features that Takes Your Online Learning Experience to the Next Level.
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1. Real-Time Monitoring of Students' Activities and Work

Our Online Platform allows us to track every student's activity in class, the work they are doing and their progress, all in real time. This gives our teacher high control over the conduct of classes and the ability to monitor your child's performance, even with online lessons.

This Feature also leads to higher engagement and interaction with students, despite them joining from behind a screen.
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2. Instant Feedback from Digital Submissions

Not only do our students enjoy the convenience of digital work submission that is integrated into the platform, our teachers get instant feedback on students' performance.

The gives our teacher more time to correct the mistakes made and reinforce the usage of the right techniques to derive the answer. 
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3. Using Data to Understand Your Child Better

Our Online lessons are conducted with a platform that is built to be 'Smart'. Data allows us to pick out hidden gaps and competencies among the students.

For example, if many students pick the wrong answer for certain questions, our teachers can spend more time on those concepts. This empowers us to target and strengthen weaker areas more quickly.
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4. Seamless Submission of Work and Download of Materials

Our Online lessons come integrated with a platform to submit homework. Practices can be done and submitted digitally so you skip the hassle of printing, scanning and emailing of worksheets!

At the end of each lesson, materials and worked solutions covered in class will be sent to your designated email for easy access and revision before exams.


Real-time classes that teaches exam strategies and question-based answering techniques just like physical lessons do

100% Of Our Students Improve By At Least 2 Grades!

(Our Formula For Improvements In The Shortest Time)

Interactive and Engaging Lessons

Lesson Materials Available After Each Lesson

Using Data to Identify Weak Areas for Targeted Practice

Exam Strategies and Question-Based Answering Techniques

Homework Support
(Whatsapp/Email Consultation)

Personalized Feedback and Tailored Solutions

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Get Tips on Setting Up a Conducive Study Environment for Online Learning

The first step to online classes is to create an optimal learning environment.

Let's get you started.

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Our Online Programmes

Secondary Mathematics
(Including IP & IGCSE)

Secondary Math Online Class

Secondary Math (O level, IP, IGCSE)

Secondary Math Classes are helmed by Kenneth, an Ex-MOE teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Even before Covid, Kenneth has been conducting online lessons, with a suite of digital tools at his command.

With In-house notes, summary sheets and detailed worked solutions for every chapter, your child is well supported for all online lessons. At Ace Clinic Education, we take you through structured processes to approach math problems in a step by step manner.


By developing critical thinking and analytical skills, you will master problem solving and pick up exam techniques to breeze through the exams.

Secondary Math Tuition available for A Math, E Math, IP and IGCSE syllabus.

Primary & Secondary English
(Including IP & IGCSE)

Primary English Online Class

Primary English

PSLE English is built upon firm language foundations and a strong grasp of answering techniques.

We believe in making English fun and easy by providing the right structure and direction for learning. That is why at Ace, we identify your problem areas and teach you techniques that can be directly applied in your exams. 

Equip your child with "Ace English Techniques" that covers all parts of paper 1 (composition writing) and paper 2 (other sections).

100% of our students improve by 2 Grades or more!

Secondary English Online Class

Secondary English

Help your child transit smoothly from Primary to Secondary English.

Through videos and articles discussions , we expose your child to current affairs and trending topics to build on their general knowledge to tackle Comprehension and Composition questions.

This also builds analytical skills to help students formulate sound arguments in Expository writing.

Expect Fun and Interactive lessons that will boost their grades in no time!

JC & IB Economics

Access to class recordings.png

Online Economics Tuition

Our Online Classes are conducted "Live" on zoom to mirror real life classes.


Students can ask questions, participate in class discussions and clarify doubts on the go, as though they are in a physical class. You will also get access to our deep resource library - including Model Essays, Model CSQ Answers and Annotated Notes for every lesson.

All our Economics classes are recorded and students also get access to all recordings so you never have to worry about missing a thing!


Online Learning Platform

Possibly the most comprehensive Elearning Platform Created for JC Economics.

From 200+ Bite sized Concept Videos, Model Essays & Mindmaps for Every Chapter to Definition Lists to Every Essential Concept, our Online Platform provides you with all the resources needed to prepare for the Econs A levels.

Our "Netflix" solution to JC Econs!

**Students who enroll in our Econs Classes get complimentary unlimited access to our Elearning Platform**

Why Enroll with Us?

Exam Strategies and Answering Techniques
Our online live classes are designed to mirror physical classes. Enjoy the convenience of learning from home, with the same resources and exam support.

Learn the same exam strategies and answering techniques to tackle the trickiest questions and be exam-ready in no time.
Our Track Record Don't Lie
100% of our students have achieved improvements of at least 2 grades. 95% scored A/Bs in their final exams.
Our pristine track record is firm testament of the results we are able to deliver. Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!
SS of class.png
Personalized Solutions that Deliver Improvements in the Shortest Time
We create tailored solutions for each student based on their needs and academic persona. 
Through engaging classes and homework support, we have a rigorous system that propels you in the right direction, so you may achieve much more with lesser effort.

Read What Happy Clients Say

Terence is a very dedicated teacher who increased my confidence in tackling various types of Economics questions due to his really systematic approach. He would expose us to various essays and case study questions and teach us how to dissect and analyse the questions, structure our responses and contextualise them to answer the questions. His concise notes greatly aid me in consolidating all of my content nearing A levels. He is also always there to clarify any doubts we have, even outside of class time. I was struggling with Econs before I joined the class in August of JC2 but thanks to Terence, my Econs improved tremendously within a short period of time!

Fabrianne E. | RJC | Grade: A | 2019

Join Us For Our Next Class!

When we had to close our centre for Circuit Breaker, 100% of our students switched to online live classes, and our enrollment has grown by 50% since then. If you are looking for engaging, interactive and impactful classes, then you have come to the right place.

Achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

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